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Surviving today


It's been counting over 3 months since the lockdown has set in New York City.

Many of us thought that this lockdown would be temporary situation should be lifted in a few weeks though we had to change our mind set now from just waiting for its passing by to another.

We may have to shift our mind set to the direction of getting used to this new type of standard as I myself started thinking about it for a while including taking my practice to the next level.

In fact, Skype sessions were already offered before this lockdown and I am proudly introducing that I had sessions with my clients on the other side of this planet in Europe, South America, Asia and Middle East.

Of course, even in the US in other states, some of my clients chose not to come in my office in the Wall Street and having sessions in Skype.

However majority sessions were done in the Wall Street office for sure in the past.

Now in this lockdown, I have been offering only Skype sessions and getting even more sure that Skype sessions and in person sessions are equally effective.

Then, definitely started thiking about the values of keeping the office for in person sessions.

Reading people's energy or I sometimes see and feel contents of people's subconscious, those abilities and sensations come to me indifferently regardless of Skype or in person sessions.

Especially my clients who I know well enough, I significantly read energy of theirs and also visuals and background stories in them, in their subconscious.

Energy is vibration in micro level and it is amazing that I can feel the micro vibration from others in person and also with Skype equally. However it is true.

In news, I read that this lockdown is to change the ways of business and I understand it.

Even though I help people to be positive and all that and published 2 books in the US and Japan and stay myself in positive side, I can't help thinking of impact of COVID-19 on our business and also well-beings.

It is truly fair to say that COVID-19 is not only threats against us. I say that we have to feel very lucky that we didn't have major attack of virus or lockdown up to this point.

Whatever terrorism or virus, we can't say that their attack would be the last time today and the judgment feels like educated and wise one for sure.

When we try to beat anything to the ground like down to zero, the more the enemies to resist and try to make strongest come-back the next time.

This COVIS-19 virus is not completely new for example. In Japan, it is called "new" Corona virus, means that it came back reformed and stronger.

The virus updated itself in order to survive better and longer this time and it really hit us harder.