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Surviving today


It's been counting over 3 months since the lockdown has set in New York City.

Many of us thought that this lockdown would be temporary situation should be lifted in a few weeks though we had to change our mind set now from just waiting for its passing by to another.

We may have to shift our mind set to the direction of getting used to this new type of standard as I myself started thinking about it for a while including taking my practice to the next level.

In fact, Skype sessions were already offered before this lockdown and I am proudly introducing that I had sessions with my clients on the other side of this planet in Europe, South America, Asia and Middle East.

Of course, even in the US in other states, some of my clients chose not to come in my office in the Wall Street and having sessions in Skype.

However majority sessions were done in the Wall Street office for sure in the past.

Now in this lockdown, I have been offering only Skype sessions and getting even more sure that Skype sessions and in person sessions are equally effective.

Then, definitely started thiking about the values of keeping the office for in person sessions.

Reading people's energy or I sometimes see and feel contents of people's subconscious, those abilities and sensations come to me indifferently regardless of Skype or in person sessions.

Especially my clients who I know well enough, I significantly read energy of theirs and also visuals and background stories in them, in their subconscious.

Energy is vibration in micro level and it is amazing that I can feel the micro vibration from others in person and also with Skype equally. However it is true.

In news, I read that this lockdown is to change the ways of business and I understand it.

Even though I help people to be positive and all that and published 2 books in the US and Japan and stay myself in positive side, I can't help thinking of impact of COVID-19 on our business and also well-beings.

It is truly fair to say that COVID-19 is not only threats against us. I say that we have to feel very lucky that we didn't have major attack of virus or lockdown up to this point.

Whatever terrorism or virus, we can't say that their attack would be the last time today and the judgment feels like educated and wise one for sure.

When we try to beat anything to the ground like down to zero, the more the enemies to resist and try to make strongest come-back the next time.

This COVIS-19 virus is not completely new for example. In Japan, it is called "new" Corona virus, means that it came back reformed and stronger.

The virus updated itself in order to survive better and longer this time and it really hit us harder.

That is one of the reasons why we have started talking about the concept of co-existence for latest mind set and starategy.

Same as anything new such as Internet, video games or newly discovered concept of evil "sugar", we try to ban and beat them to the ground sometimes.

However it is difficult to avoid when they are there. That is why it seems more important for us to learn how to deal with them.

It is wiser for us to learn how to deal with them when we can't avoid completely.

That is why I rather try to teach my children how to deal with problems or harms rather than completely avoid the problems or harm.

It is impossible for any children to grow up sanitized environment like never get hurt physically and emotionally.

As a mother, it is better for me to raise them as quick recovering children from any harm or problems. And those quick recovering skills are really useful when they even become adults.

It is crucial, isn't it? We fail or get hurt and how quickly we can stand again and even try to accomplish again. It is truly crucial skills and techniques in our lives.

Going back to the topic of survival. Every creature works the same way more or less. Lives try to survive with changing their forms or characteristics to resist and survive.

Every life tries to survive. To preserve its kind.

Such as weeds in my yard. Repeatedly cut or pull out, they will always come back. There are many kinds in the yard.

Interestingly, a kind that sticks and let the seeds relocate to multiply, a kind that has strong roots and can't be easily pulled out, a kind that easy to be pulled off though seeds can fly so far to multiply.

Sticky one's roots and body are weak because they got this stickiness to relocate, multiply and survive so they didn't care about developing strong body and roots.

That was crucial decision for them to just survive.

Now a days, there is hybrid. Some kinds could have every strength and surviving traits and it could occupy the surface of the earth.

Then we, humans have to use every intelligence to control any other kinds.

Yes, control is always the issue and desire for any creature to have. For more comfort, things have to be in certain way, we want to be and look in the certain way or the world has to be in the certain way.

Desires and control. It is our ultimate dream that everything runs in our favor all of sudden in one morning.

First of all, we have to have wonderful morning at the moment we become awake. To do so, we need deep and long sleep. To have great sleep, we may need medication.

No one wants to wake up in freezing cold air so we need heating. We don't want to experience unbreathable heat either so we need air conditioning.

Stable food supply is essential however we have to maintain healthy weight. To make it happen, we need exercise....

Everything is about control. Since the era that we needed stable supply of food up to today in weight control age.

We shouldn't forget about our career. Raising productivity. Without any flaw, we need to provide services and highest productivity to our employer and also customers. Then we can receive rewards and benefits.

Not only that, but also we have to have luxury. Going on vacation to receive sweetest treats and it is within control issue.

More satisfaction we always need. Then we will need a partner to experience the great vacation together.

More beautiful the partner and more obedient, the better our vacation experience will be.

Of course, no one wants to argue or fight in the great vacation and it totally makes sense that there is android partner is available to purchase now....

It is not survival any more though it is about control. Then things don't go in the way we plan, it would be "stress" under the circumstance.

Not even it, "stress" will come to us at the moment when we start thinking of possibility that things MAY NOT go in the way we plan.

In the mature society, it is more like "satisfaction" to pursue rather than survival. Of course everyone wants to be happy.

Going back to survival topic again. Any creature can't help making efforts to survive. It is our own mission, survival.

Viruses, weeds, animals and humans, we all are here to survive.

The biggest mission at all is survival. To continue on our own species. To keep winning in survival and keep our own kind so death is the only ultimate event that we avoid.

Any pain and harm should be avoided because they could lead us death or risk of the lives. That is the way we were made, avoid the pain and risk of lives, and death.

In between humans, we try to survive in the same way too.

Of course. We are the rides of DNA so we are supposed to feel like our species is the best so we should win and survive. Survival is in our DNA written all over.

Maybe because of the reason of survival instinct, some people feel hard to accept different races and ethnicities.

Different opinions could lead us to argument. It may be leading us to fight too.

When you have an android partner, there is no chance of argument though we have to argue sometimes in the real world without android.

When we have fight in nation or community level, it may be a war. It is happening to us in the current situation too.

About war, we have some experience too. Observing in the US, when the US started a war, it is likely because we protect ourselves and our security.

We can't look weak because we are going to be attacked. We shouldn't look afraid and we have to keep attacking otherwise we can't keep our own security.

Attack is the greatest defense, we say. We have to attack before we are hit.

A lot of people say that the way to keep national security changed dramatically after 911 .

Because of 911, we strongly feel that we can't make the same kind of attack happen to us. We don't want to be beaten again ever.

Of course. A lot of people died and harmed in 911 so it never should happen again.

Attack is the greatest defense. Attack never should happen again harm us in the same terrible way. We have to protect ourselves.

We learned bitterly from the past terrible experience and we can't have the taste ever again.

That is the defense we got as our own instinct.

This survival instinct comes from the fear of death or being controlled. It is clear that we have it in our DNA and the past terrible experience makes us to be prepared and defend ourselves from the same type of pain.

We don't want to have the same pain again ever.

Pain doesn't mean only physical including death. Of course anything triggers negative feelings are counted as pain.

Startled, shamed, shocked, betrayed, insulted, scared and etc. Countless feelings, senses and energy happen to us everyday.

Not only divorce, break-up or lay-off from work but also small pains may happen every a few minutes everyday and it can take us to the negative places.

What if you felt wonderful at the moment you woke up? You may think that it is too good to be true so something bad may happen soon.

You should no longer be in the mood to enjoy the wonderful feelings because you are afraid of the bad taste coming to you.

Once you anticipate "bad thing", according to the laws of attraction, you are attracting "bad thing" and manifest it.

"Bad feeling"(negative anticipation) comes from past experience. You may have your own personal 911 level of experience in the past and you never want to have it again, of course.

Curve your own high expectation because you are afraid of the later disappointment, that is the "bad feeling" that we are talking about.

After all, we can't avoid any negative experience in this world so we should co-exist. It is crucial for us how well we deal with the negative experience and feelings.

The better we deal with it in your life, the shorter distance you have to be truly happy.

Our innate defense mechanism should be our friend to get along. It is possible for us to keep our high expectation with past negative experiences.

It is only possible when you work on yourself in your own subconscious state and it is available for you.

I am looking forward to change your world.

Have a wonderful day!!

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