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The mechanism of inner child


It seems like that New York City public schools are going to reopened from this September. I was surprised that 1/3 of the students chose 100% remote class out of all of the students.

There was a survey done before August that asked all of us what we want from the new semester.

In the result, 1/3 of the students are going to stay in remote class and 2/3 will be back to the school, well, partially from the September.

We had a tough time in the last semester that children were stressed in this lockdown situation and because of the stress, they were glued to the other websites such as Youtube but we can’t get rid of Youtube because the school was using the materials in the site.

It was easy for us to understand how the children felt like. For them, playing with other students often times feels like everything of their fun so when the situation is like this lockdown, distractor will appear and trying to distract them from the true stress, which was the lockdown.

Distractor is to distract people when they are in stress and negative energy. Distractor is un-focus us from the true issues that we have in us.

For example, we all have some negative energy in us, such as sadness, loneliness and anger, most of the time, those negative energy is from our own inner child and also feelings and events in the past.

A lot of negative feelings that we experienced as a child still live in us and inner child holds onto the kind of feelings in them.

Some people may say that they don’t have inner child though as a professional, I am highly skeptical about it.

As a child, we all have a lot of feelings like sadness, fear or frustration. And because of the nature of any children, they naturally feel powerless or very little of course, because they are little and have no power to control in the era.

The reasons why in psychology, children love the superheroes is because of their frustrations without a lot of control in their lives.

It is natural for them to adore the super power or strong control that super heroes have for the small beings like children.

We understand the psychology.

Well, we all have inner child means that we all have to have distractor in the sense.

Of course, it depends on how much the inner child needs help and how much the adult version of us need distractor.

The distractor must be strong enough to override the negative energy we have in us. The more we have negative energy, the more we would need distractor or stronger distractor according to it.

Of course, the negative was winning, we need positive to even the balance out or even more to raise our own mood for better.

That is why distractor should be something we love to do.

The most popular distractor is eating, I say. It is pretty handy and accessible too.

And a lot of people love to eat too. Anyone can get food any time, well, most of the time.

Some people love drugs and alcohol though they would require some steps to get them. unlike the food, we can’t get them in a convenience store around corner or call up the take out food or order out in the Internet.

Drugs and alcohol come with withdrawal symptoms, such as hang over for alcohol. Those are symptoms we have when the substance withdraws from our body.

Withdrawal symptoms are severe enough sometimes that we can’t bare as we know.

The withdrawal symptoms are dividing addiction from dependency. Alcohol and drugs have withdrawal symptoms so they are called addiction but food and eating, it is not considered that there is withdrawal symptoms with chemical reactions in our body so it is called dependency.

However of course, the mechanism of the addiction and dependency are not so much different from each other, especially psychological point of view even though in addiction, chemical reaction in us plays a big part.

The mechanism is that we want to raise our moods when we have negative energy in us. It is called distractor to distract us from the negative energy itself.

That means that the more we have to use distractor, the more we must have negative energy in us.

Of course, obesity is relating to the declining metabolism in our aging process, but it might be a sign that we obese more, the more we have negative energy in us.

And one more fact is that the older we get, the more negative we become in psychology and also science.

We think that we become wiser in aging though we learn from the mistakes in the past and become conservative or just stop challenging in later of our lives.

I will talk about it in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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