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Weight management, dependency and addiction


This lock down keeps counting more than 2 months now and we all experience our adjustments and changes in the extreme environment.

Personally I try to make this lock down experience positive rather than just waiting for its passing.

I just think that we can enjoy anything like a storm passing by the town rather than just waiting its passing.

We can dance around inside while the storm changes the scenery or views outside. Then definitely we would never feel like even waiting because the crazy party going on inside.

Nobody should take this opportunity negative though the world tells you it is very negative everyday and of course, I truly feel sorry for the infected people, families and friends.

However surviving and fortunate ones can take this opportunity to gain our productivity too. For my personal and professional gain, I've been working on making new website.

I love my website that a professional made and manages. However I had been thinking more of independence rather than asking someone. Then I have freedom on how to manage too.

However I was thinking like someday I will do because I wasn't sure if I could manage or it would take too much time of mine and it never happened before.

For some reason, I felt like it is time for me to do it in this lockdown so I was working on it.

Now I am happy to be able to introducing this website today! If you are not reading my new website and interested in it, click here. It has English and Japanese for you to read and let me know if you have some comments.

I have a published book in Japan and US. Click here for Japanese and here for English. The english book was just published in the US and the title is "Rules for Success--How to live happily".

In this lockdown, another agenda for me is to lose some weight. I had been thinking of it for a while though I wasn't serious enough to practice in a real way so I am doing it now.

I had been chubby in my entire life since around 3rd grade. In my 20's, I put myself on bad diet such as only one meal a day and I was so light in the era.

Of course I was rebounded quick and since my 30's, I reached, I believe, 180 pounds once in the era.

In my life, I had been struggling with my weight and finally in 2014, I ran into some protein shake and gained my muscles and went down sizes and weight of 40-60 pounds.

I don't know exactly how much to be honest because I was losing some weight already since I ran into hypnosis in 2011 so I can't count exactly how much I lost any more since when. However I have photos.

Left side one is taken in Singapore in 2011 or 2012 and right one is taken in 2015 and probably 50 pounds difference in the photos.

Since my lowest weight in 2015--- I have to confess that I tried too hard in some moments---so I gained 12 pounds or so up to 2020.

I have been thinking of losing again but it didn't happen in the past. Then in this lockdown, somehow, I got serious enough to do it.

So far I lost 4-5 pounds and this time, my goal is to lose 13-15 pounds. I got 10 pounds to go now.

I don't call this diet but "reset". Because diet doesn't last. We could drop some but rebound it so quickly so I'd rather not to do it.

In the reset, reviewing diet and also behavioral patterns are required. That means that it is not limited time offer, it should be life style change that we can follow through.

However whatever that is, healthy or unhealthy, our body is to maintain. That is why changing routines for 2 or 3 days wouldn't do anything to the body to see the changes.

In my experience (of course this varies depending on ages and everything), I see significant changes in my body after 3 weeks.

And I know a lot of people give up before the 3 weeks so they wouldn't see the good results. The reason to fail is simply eating too much losing patience.

It is not about appetite, isn't it? Are you truly hungry when you decide to eat? I don't think so because I've been there too and I eat much less now though I have no problem to sustain my body at all.

It is about cravings or some habitual feelings that putting something in your mouth, or desire to feel satisfied with food. We all know how we feel after eating, satisfaction, isn't it?

We actually reserve our extra fat in our body for just in case that the food doesn't come in. Our body has crisis management built in like this in our body. We will use the fat when the food stop coming.

Well, at this moment, I am using the reserved fat in progress and it is called weight loss. Since my body reserved some fat day by day, I am not having problem at all to use it.

And astonishing realization is how excessively I was eating in the past. Not only that, but also I realize that the food consumption excessively stressed on my digestive systems too.

I was using a lot of energy to digest and it made me tired. Now I understand benefits of fasting routine once in a while.

I noticed that my stomach is much lighter and feel better. I thought I was paying attention to what I was eating how much though I wasn't enough so this kind of reset is necessity for sure.

I feel like I came in to have this reset too late so I will keep it in my mind too.

I said, feeling good in the new diet routine and the feeling is real. Science tells us that over 90 % of Serotonin, which we know as "happy hormone" is made in our digestive system.

Simply saying, we are happy when our digestion is great.

Whatever the diet/weight loss system you came up with, you have to overcome the desire to eat or satisfied. Because as I said, it is not about hunger but craving.

As I said in the past, we over-eat because of our own negativity in us. Then Serotonin goes down when we eat too much so we feel unhappy anyway.

This is a bad circulation, isn't it? We over-eat because we feel negative so eat too much, and Serotonin goes down and reduce happiness.

I noticed I was eating too much because I eat less now and feeling good. I didn't know that I wasn't feeling good in the over-eating situation.

We don't notice how actually we are feeling everyday until it changes, right? When you feel better, you may notice how bad you were feeling before.

Try hypnotherapy to release the negativity in this lockdown because you have to kick the habits anyway to feel great.

Anyway, in this lockdown, my household is facing some challenges too because of children's virtual classes since public schools were closed.

We all have something favorite to do, for example, some people can't take their eyes off from their cellphones even for 5 minutes. It is habitual and hard to kick.

In the virtual class situation, children are on the computer all day and god knows which website they are going to.

If it is physical school, there is no computer to use, however in the current situation, computer access is inevitable.

That is why the children have to control themselves to focus on classroom activities though it becomes difficult like I said in the beginning of this writing.

We know how hard to get off from unrelated websites at work without killing a lot of time on Internet surfing.

In my Master program, I had a fieldwork of performing as a therapist. I still remember what my supervisor said one day to me.

I had a recovering addict as my client and told my supervisor that I didn't understand what it was like. I never had drug addiction in my life.

Of course, I had classes to study addiction and withdrawal symptoms. For example, headache, thirst, nausea, shakiness and so on if you are addicted to alcohol.

Japanese people drink some in hungover to lessen the symptoms and of course it works because adding alcohol consumption to the body helps stop the withdrawal.

By the way, addiction has withdrawal symptoms and it separates addiction from dependency there.

My supervisor of the fieldwork agency in my Master program asked if I liked sweets or not. It was in 2003 and I was much larger then. Of course I loved sweets so I said yes.

Then she told me that I must know how hard to give up on sweets and it must feel the same way to kick the addiction too.

I understood 100% then how hard for anyone to kick any kinds of habits including over-eating.

We all know that over-eating is not good and also over-drinking is not good either.

Those are from same kinds of emotional and psychological issues to create undesirable habits. However one is addiction and one is dependency because alcohol has withdrawal symptom and food doesn't.

Addiction and dependency have same type of mechanism. It is about negativity in us, makes us to do something we love to do. When we feel down, we need some up-lifters.

Something we love to do making us feel better, such as eating or drinking or even both same time.

Not only drinking and eating, but also some people shop, some work hard, some have sex, some gamble, some do drugs, some smoke, some smoke, some play video games, some do web surfing, some watch TV and those are healthy if they are not too much.

We have so much entertainments in the world now and making everything more complicated in the way.

Our desire never stops and entiretainments only become more. We all would want positives (pleasures) when we feel down (negativity).

The more we feel down, we feel like, the more positives (pleasure), we need. Or some people even wouldn't allow themselves to feel down so they keep putting only pleasure into themselves before they feel down.

Some people get head start of excessive shopping or work extra hard hours not to think of the negativity at all. And I know that we all get the logics and methods from our own experiences.

Behaviors showing on the surface such as addiction and dependency are not core problems. Alcoholism is not a true issue though the reasons to make the person drink too much and turn the person an addict are the real issues.

However we have to go to rehab for addictions and treat the behavior. When the root causes are left out, they may go back to the addiction.

Or they may find another outlet to ease the negativity. As some people gain weight after they quit smoking.

I heard that those people gain weight because they enjoy food better and their tastes are changed because of the smoking cessation.

In my opinion, they just shifted their interests from cigarets to food after the nicotine was taken away from the option list. And root causes of emotional issues and negativity are still in them.

We all know how hard to kick the habits. Especially you do if you can't live without a cellphone.

True solution is always about releasing negativity to kick bad habits in true way. Try and kick the habit today because hypnotherapy makes it possible.

Now at this lockdown, I only offer Skype sessions so you can access my services from any where in this world!

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful day!!

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