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Weight management, dependency and addiction


This lock down keeps counting more than 2 months now and we all experience our adjustments and changes in the extreme environment.

Personally I try to make this lock down experience positive rather than just waiting for its passing.

I just think that we can enjoy anything like a storm passing by the town rather than just waiting its passing.

We can dance around inside while the storm changes the scenery or views outside. Then definitely we would never feel like even waiting because the crazy party going on inside.

Nobody should take this opportunity negative though the world tells you it is very negative everyday and of course, I truly feel sorry for the infected people, families and friends.

However surviving and fortunate ones can take this opportunity to gain our productivity too. For my personal and professional gain, I've been working on making new website.

I love my website that a professional made and manages. However I had been thinking more of independence rather than asking someone. Then I have freedom on how to manage too.

However I was thinking like someday I will do because I wasn't sure if I could manage or it would take too much time of mine and it never happened before.

For some reason, I felt like it is time for me to do it in this lockdown so I was working on it.

Now I am happy to be able to introducing this website today! If you are not reading my new website and interested in it, click here. It has English and Japanese for you to read and let me know if you have some comments.

I have a published book in Japan and US. Click here for Japanese and here for English. The english book was just published in the US and the title is "Rules for Success--How to live happily".

In this lockdown, another agenda for me is to lose some weight. I had been thinking of it for a while though I wasn't serious enough to practice in a real way so I am doing it now.

I had been chubby in my entire life since around 3rd grade. In my 20's, I put myself on bad diet such as only one meal a day and I was so light in the era.

Of course I was rebounded quick and since my 30's, I reached, I believe, 180 pounds once in the era.

In my life, I had been struggling with my weight and finally in 2014, I ran into some protein shake and gained my muscles and went down sizes and weight of 40-60 pounds.