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When higher power moves you


As I mentioned yesterday, I let my 10 year old boy and girl twins write everyday and check the writing in this summer.

I am grateful with this experience. It gave me a chance to understand their values and perception better or find their potential and hidden talents.

I hope that you liked my letter to the COVID-19. In this modern world, we can’t help being influenced by media or opinions of other people.

However it is important for us to think on our own with our words in this kind letter then we’d understand our true opinions within us sometimes.

I notice how influential the media is and we may lose our own views or a truth amongst a lot of other things in our busy life.

It is great for us to have an opportunity to be alone and know what we truly have in our minds.

Writing letters like this is one of those therapy techniques too and of course therapeutic that we write a letter to ourself, or to our parents, or ourself but in the past at the particular moment, or even a letter to ourself in the future.

I bet that you will find yourself in depth if you try this kind of methods.

In fact, we actually don’t know ourselves in depth at all because we all live in the state of conscious most of the time and it is only the surface that we understand ourselves or other things.

I have found new clients of mine often times don’t know how truly they feel within themselves or their own life in depth either.

Of course, because we process everything in most of the times in our own conscious state, which we are only using 5% of our own brain.

Yes, the conscious state is far from our own best in the sense. Thus it makes sense that we don’t understand ourselves or even other things in this world in depth.

However subconscious state is different. In subconscious state, we can use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than our own conscious state.

Subconscious is actually a very natural and spontaneous state that randomly visits us like a few times a day though it may not be staying long enough or we don’t even notice the visits at all.

However it is very powerful so humans thought it would be wonderful to have the subconscious state when we want to have and where we want to have.

Absolutely amazing and it is possible when we use a technique of “induction”. Induction takes only body and mind relaxation.

Then with this easy procedure of induction, your own subconscious will be yours to work on you whenever and where you want.

And the fact is that it is already called “hypnosis” or “hypnotized state” when your own subconscious state is induced.

They are still same subconscious states but it is already hypnosis when it is induced.

Induction is very easy and I let my clients relax in their body in wave sounds and also for mind relaxation, let them count the numbers backwards.

It is nothing dramatic like movies or tv shows. Subconscious state is a natural state that most of us can have, well, when you have standard brain without major brain disorders or illness.

It is very relaxing even deeper than meditation so often times my clients who had sleepless nights before coming to me because of the issues they have fall into a sleep in the sessions.

About the letter writing therapy, this method is about subconscious too.

It depends on how deeply you can be into this therapeutic experience though your own subconscious would help you for your own self discovery and we will all be amazed how deeply actually we already knew about ourselves.

You may notice it when you are a writer, have you had experience such as your pen or typing just move on its own and writing is happening?

It happens to me too and I actually don’t have any preparation before I speak in sessions or publicly or even I write.

I know that I am using my won subconscious power in the sense.

Haven’t you heard some people say that some kind of higher power posses them or someone to let them speak or write?

In Japan, we use the expression of “Kajibano Bakajikara”. At an emergency situation like a house fire, sometimes someone who never looked strong before the day appears almighty like carrying everything they need and save the belongings and run away with them.

Of course the force and power aren’t given to the person at the occasion. The potential and hidden power were in them forever though they never knew or even the other people never knew the power was within the person.

Potential and hidden ability are wait for its release, we actually don’t know what we are capable of nor we don’t even understand our full potential either.

Finding our true potentials often happens to anyone and I have my own experiences too. I will talk about them in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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