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You are the master of yourself

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Lately, communications are very complicated with social medias and all that. We can have more fun though the complication can cause some kind of trouble, sometimes.

Even small organizations have PR department and try to preserve positive impressions of the organizations and companies.

Of course, in the USA, we will get a legal representation or strategist to make statements or make them look good in a minute after we became a little famous.

Even for myself as a self-employment person, I receive fair amount of communications from organizations to offer some business improvements with working on my website, or something else.

Not only companies or organizations, but also personal images can be improved with some specialist to work on you for your persona.

Mass-medias including social media can change your images or persona depending on how to communicate through them. You can look better or worse, it depends.

There are specialists who know how to advertise you when to improve your images and personas. We see those everyday in our society.

If we say communications, we mean speaking. However of course, communications include letter, email, messages, texts or even visuals. We have many communication skills and methods now.

For example, we wouldn’t need so much of writing skills now a days because we have Emojis. Emojis are very handy to express a lot of feelings and messages.

How about smile? Smiles tell a lot of feelings and words. How about hugs, kisses, or sex? Those are communications too.

Some of us are really good at writing, speaking articulate, or some smiles melt others’ hearts. We have many kinds of communications and talents.

We may use our favorite kinds of communication methods even when we are not good at saying something.

Or you may develop some other ways and skills in communications when the other ones are not your favorites.

For example, some of us are not good at saying thank you so they may write. Some of us give out a cute Kiss when they can’t apologize in words.

I am aware that therapists could be very specific on communication methods. What we should do or we should say in some specific occasions.

Of course, we should be able to say what we should say such as apology. We tell the children to say sorry when they make mistakes.

However saying the words are not the only way or almighty. There are people who are good at saying things, however those words couldn’t be always true.

That is why saying isn’t everything. Words are not always true and also it depends on the person if they believe the words or not.

For example, in US, “I love you.”is said so often but divorce rates are high. Japanese almost never say “I love you.”but it doesn’t mean that there is no love there.

On the other hand, we know that positive words such as believing in our success or expressing love, will become truth in us, come true or to keep the truth stay longer.

That is true in psychology and also laws of attractions; saying and believing will make them come true or manifest.

Even great therapists cannot force people to do things they are not willing to do, and it is hard for anyone to change basic values of people. It may be hard for anyone to express love everyday when they were not accustomed to it.

Not only that, love should be able to cover, accept or forgive something the partners cannot do or aren’t good at doing because we are different from each other.

Could we say that we all should do things in the specific ways in communications? Otherwise those are foul plays?

We may want to listen to our precious partner very carefully when he/she is not good at speaking but tries to say something important.

It may not saying words… It could be some caring gestures, light kisses or very passionate love making.

Other thing is that it depends on the receiver’s capacity to recognize or receive the partner’s love. There are people who don’t believe in love or wouldn’t recognize the love they are actually being given.

I wrote about it the other day in this column though we need a belief in love and in our own worth to deserve love. If not, we may feel insecure because we believe that we are not supposed to be loved.

We need self esteem when we want to believe to be loved.

When we are insecure, we may depend on someone else or something else, such as magazines, psychology or friends, instead of listening to the partners or believe in yourself deserving love.

Instead, we may read something like what love is or what loving behaviors are and get even more insecure. And to ease the anxiety, we may depends on friends and they may say whatever.

They may say that the behaviors are not loving or something but importantly the only person who knows your partner in depth is you.

I hope that psychology would be used for good not like to make people more anxious or accuse others.

We may more want to rely on ourselves. We may want to believe in our own goodness and listen to our own intuition, then we may have more chance to have something good in our lives.

Have a wonderful day!

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