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I was wrong in my entire life


Time flies as it is the last day of August today in New York. I have been uploading my website everyday for a few months though from the September, the updating will be random.

Hope that you will still enjoy my site. I wrote a lot in the past months so you have plenty to read!

I just want to make an announcement that my Japanese book published in 2017 will now have e-book version from this September 2020.

To be exact, Japanese Amazon and Rakuten Books will have e-book version of my book and the release date is September 30, 2020 as I just received email from my publisher, Bungeisha this morning.

Click here for Kindle of Japanese Amazon for Japanese readers.

Rakuten Books is here too for Japanese readers.

My US published book in English has paper and also e-book available to purchase. Click here for Amazon US.

Actually, from Amazon Japan, my English book is available to purchase too. Click here.

Anyway, I was talking about what I was looking for in my entire life as the other people absolutely look for the same.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, please click here to read the column.

As I stated there, I grew up in the bubble economy in Japan. It was gorgeous. Everything was about materialistic all right for sure in the era.

In romantic relationships, we competed how we celebrated Christmas or what kind of gifts we got from the love interests, those are the sole topic amongst us in the era.

I know how shallow it sounds like though in the era