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Nothing should be satisfying


Time flies and I realized that this coming Tuesday is the 1st of September. As I mentioned, the New York public schools plan to reopen from this coming September.

Not really fully opened as there are two different groups divided those children. One group goes to school on Mondays and Tuesdays and one goes to Thursdays and Fridays. We share Wednesdays alternative weeks.

It is wonderful idea to lower the risk of infection.

As I remember, the school will be closed immediately if two different children get infected in two different classes within 2 weeks.

Some people already say that the school will be closed again so soon.

And also around 1/3 of students have chosen 100% remote class so not all of children will go back to school in person in this September.

As I mentioned sometimes, drama happens in my life, well, it is tendency… I didn’t mean to attract drama though my natal chart is called “Grand Cross” in astrology and it is rare and dramatic chart.

Around my sister’s sudden death and also adopting her children as teenagers, this dramatic tendency accelerated.

However of course I didn’t attract my sister’s death and adoption was my ex-husband’s idea so I didn’t intentionally attract them at all.

Of course, I didn’t actively oppose the adoption so it might be on me because I didn’t have strong opinion to resist it at all.

Because of US visa issue, we internationally relocated to Singapore for two years. Then, my marital separation and eventually divorce happened.

Drama continued so no feeling particularly bored meanwhile. And as I mentioned, strange things started happening even more than before.

Since I ran into hypnosis in Singapore and started changing my life, I couldn’t help noticing strange happenings in my life and in newly my single life too.

One of the examples is my psychic ability. I don’t know how that happens though I sometimes know who I run into at when a few weeks advanced….

And it actually comes true. I wrote about the episodes so click here if you want to read.

Another one is here too.

One of those drama happens lately about this school reopening…. My children were looking forward to reunion with other children at school from this September.

I was busy purchasing hand sanitizer key chains, new masks fit and durable for long wearing for school in person participation and also new thermometers.

As I didn’t receive email on the day of decision announcement for group division, I contacted the school, and found that we were actually counted as 100% remote class.

I turned completely blue, you know what I mean and I was told that it would be November for the next window to change.

I didn’t sign up for 100% remote so it must be a mistake and the matter went to management of New York Department of Education.

I am so glad that it was fixed… Thank you so much! However I definitely didn’t need this drama at all….

I talked to my children with whole story and they were so relieved. Somehow they feel super lucky that they can go to school, luckier than before the day.

Yes of course. I always tell them appreciation for things and others that we are given everyday. We sleep under a roof, parents to take care of them with love and also free education to receive.

Nothing should be taken granted for.

Before the day, they were wishing to be in the same group with their best friends though this drama shut them up.

Now they feel so lucky just because they can go to school.

How wonderful effect is this!

See, as I believe, whatever happens to us were meant to be learning experience so my children were supposed to learn more of appreciation, I believe.

I have to say that I appreciate this drama to give my children to have opportunity to learn!

As a small child, I was told that I should appreciate with my life while some people even don’t have enough food in this world.

I totally didn’t understand why I should appreciate while some people have much more than me though I should compare myself with less fortunate people.

This question was effective in my entire life up to a few years ago.

And in my life, I grew up in bubble economy in Japan and had strong tendency to go extra miles in extravaganza or never be satisfied with anything so easy.

It was a glorious era that we lived on in vanity then.

Now I understand clearly how wrong I was focusing on possessions of materials and how many or how much.

Of course it was confusing era for anyone. I was born in Tokyo Olympic year and grew up in the once in the life time or nation time era of rapid and high economic growth period in Japan.

Everything was changed in era as everything became concrete from raw materials and Japan became one of the top countries in economy up to the time when I was a college student.

We solely believed and also still believe that the more possession is always better and also reaching and aiming much higher is always good.

We declared as youth that we will never be satisfied ever in our life.

But it was wrong.

Because before we noticed, possessing many things and not being satisfied became our goal.

Our goal was possessing materials and also being unsatisfied.

I finally realized what exactly I always wanted and also was looking for in my entire life.

Do you know what it is?

I will talk about it in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!


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