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Nothing should be satisfying


Time flies and I realized that this coming Tuesday is the 1st of September. As I mentioned, the New York public schools plan to reopen from this coming September.

Not really fully opened as there are two different groups divided those children. One group goes to school on Mondays and Tuesdays and one goes to Thursdays and Fridays. We share Wednesdays alternative weeks.

It is wonderful idea to lower the risk of infection.

As I remember, the school will be closed immediately if two different children get infected in two different classes within 2 weeks.

Some people already say that the school will be closed again so soon.

And also around 1/3 of students have chosen 100% remote class so not all of children will go back to school in person in this September.

As I mentioned sometimes, drama happens in my life, well, it is tendency… I didn’t mean to attract drama though my natal chart is called “Grand Cross” in astrology and it is rare and dramatic chart.

Around my sister’s sudden death and also adopting her children as teenagers, this dramatic tendency accelerated.

However of course I didn’t attract my sister’s death and adoption was my ex-husband’s idea so I didn’t intentionally attract them at all.

Of course, I didn’t actively oppose the adoption so it might be on me because I didn’t have strong opinion to resist it at all.

Because of US visa issue, we internationally relocated to Singapore for two years. Then, my marital separation and eventually divorce happened.