Did my intuition come true ?


It is finally the final column in this week and I am uploading my column everyday at night in New York time so this is uploaded Sunday night.

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I have been talking about strange things in my relationship, the message that I got at the time when it had 18 months passed since the break up of my romantic relationship in the past.

Somehow, beforehand, I knew where to run into him and when afterwards.

It was in a Japanese supermarket in Manhattan, New York.

I ended yesterday’s column at the most thrilling moment whether I would run into him or not as I was messaged, well, at least I tried to be thrilling then…

I went to the Japanese supermarket as I planned on the day. I am laughing with this moment reminded of the excitement thinking then that he was there….

I had butterfly in my stomach at the time and I was trying to shake it off because It was just the feelings to run into him even though the hunch went on for weeks up to the time.

On the day, I finished shopping at the Japanese supermarket and I didn’t run into him. I was so relieved.

I thought that it was just too much believing and I started walking towards the station. Right then, I turned around to go and eat something.

I turned around and took a few steps then I saw him walking up from the underground steps of some building.

I felt, I knew it… Yes, there was a message.

The timing was very critical too. If I ran into too early, he wouldn’t have come up from the underground yet…

Furthermore, I was dating with a guy had the same name as him at the time. As I mentioned it in Friday’s column, the name was uncommon for their ethnicities at all.

Ethnicities of two guys’ were very different and the name was unfit to any of the ethnicity that relating to them.

It was like a typical Scottish name was given to French and Jewish guys.

And second guy actually changed his own name before we met. His original name was a typical one for his ethnicity.

Since they had the same name, I couldn’t help being reminded the first guy in the situation, well naturally, and the name wasn’t John or anything very common either.

Later, I realized that it was the final confirmation and chance for me to review the case, means the last relationship.

The relationship was done though if it was really the end or not. It was put in reviewed or given some chances to reconsider, I believed.

I read that it will raise the vibration of this earth when the partners in soul connections truly be together. (means not just get married here as you know.}

It is a great thing happens to the earth. Thus the universe wants to pay attention to a personal relationship like this.

In my understanding, it is called “union” when the soul connected partners truly get together. Of course they can truly and only get together when they overcome karma and purely accept each other.

That is why it doesn’t matter if they get married or not. We are talking about spiritual connection here.

The deeper and stronger the connection is, the better influence to the vibration of the earth, that is why the universe encourages and welcomes they learn and work on unions.

The union shouldn’t be easy at all, of course. To know the true love and overcome karma are requirement to have a union and will raise the vibrations of the earth.

Overcoming karma means overcoming our own ego so it is not easy learning at all. That is why a lot of people have hardship in their relationships.