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Know when and where run into who


It’s weekend now and I realized that I am talking about much rather personal than usual in this week.

As a matter of fact, I rarely decide something so firmly beforehand. I feel like I rather go with the flow all the time. I even try not to decide something sometimes.

I understand how people feel when they firmly decide not to contact him/her again in their relationships.

Of course, everyone is different and some people are in special circumstances such as in some kind of domestic violence or abusive environments.

For those cases, situation is rather different though, ordinary, it is not best idea for us to decide something when we are very emotional.

Especially in romantic situation, we decide very firmly not to contact him/her ever again because we deeply get hurt.

Of course we feel very defensive and we never want to get hurt ever gain in the sense.

I tell this again and again though we all the creatures have defense mechanism and as our own instinct, we avoid any types of harms to our body and also mind.

It is about survival too for us to keep our genes without death and pass it on to another generation.

However as a creature with high intelligence and especially for those are practicing positive living in their lives, I am talking to you.

I have to say that we withdraw because we don’t want to get hurt again, that kind of motivation and reasoning don’t seem like most positive.

In fact, a lot of people succeeded after countless of failures.

I read that Mr. Matsushita, founder of Panasonic said that failure happens because we stop at the failure though it is going to be success if we continue until the success.

In the case, failure means that the situation or results that didn’t go along our own plans. It is not even failures and even terrible things and those are always necessity to learn something.

However in any type of categories, failure feels hurt for anyone. But again, failure is a process to learn so it is not necessarily negative.

And again, we keep going anyway when we want to succeed without quitting.

I am not particularly copying Mr. Matsushita though I figured that it is not good for me to make a decision when I am especially sad or angry so I simply stop thinking. At least, I try to stop thinking about it.

Why? Because it is not going to be a good decision anyway so naturally I feel like I shouldn’t think of it any more.

I typically let it go once. Then mysteriously, I get hit by a feeling of “I want to do it !”, well the feeling come to me voluntarily one day.

Then I have no doubts so I move.

With the decisions and moves, sometimes things don’t go as I plan though I don’t have regrets on them either.

I believe that it is a message through my own higher self to have me make the decision. It is of course subconscious too.

It is right moment and right thing to do and we have some kind of consequences. And we can’t call them as success all the time because success is just situation that our plans came true, however the consequences always lead us at least to the right direction.

In the style of mine, I don’t think of what to write in this column either. Exactly like I started writing my own book and ended up with publishing in Japan and also the US, I start writing and the direction takes place.

I was surprised that I was writing something very personal in this week though it went to the direction so I feel like it was supposed to be.

Instinct or hunch or natural flow, whatever we call it, I feel right about it. That is why I keep writing even though this is rather personal than my usual columns.

As I mentioned, messages through higher self from the universe, I say.

All those moments that we have to make important or small decisions and everything starts falling into the right places from the moments.

Yes, I was talking about my first romance in 20 years. I unexpectedly found someone to see after 20 years of interval from the romance department.

In the sense, one day I decided to go to a single’s party and I met him there. I didn’t plan anything and went with flows like I always do.

Things went well though it ended. Doesn’t it ever right? Anyway I felt strong connection with him and it seemed like the feeling was mutual.

In my age, it is challenging to change the ways we did all the way up to the point. Changing behaviors and ways of thinking mean that solving karma and overcome it so it shouldn’t be easy.

There are lots of stories that people can’t change.

I had no idea how to get over the break up though I just did, simply and unexpectedly. Another reason to believe energy though I knew the moment I let the the feelings/energy go literally and I recognized that energy shift too.

That reason why I could let it go easily was that there was someone else who had soul connection with me and I was lead to it to learn more.

I believe that the universe has plans for us so it gives us one to the other as we try on dresses in shopping.

I felt clearly something like final confirmation at the time because of the incident that I am talking about now.

It was around 18 months later since the break up, one day, I got this undeniable feeling in me.

It had already been going on for a few weeks that I would run into him.

I don’t know why I had the feeling for weeks but I had it.

More mysteriously, I knew when and where to run into him.

Don’t ask me why because it was a message.

How could I forget it and first, I had an idea where to run into him. It was a Japanese supermarket in Manhattan, New York.

I happened to go there with him when I was going out with him though we went to many other places too so I don’t know why I felt the specific location.

When I got the location, I had to know when too. It was in December then.

Of course as a Japanese person, I have to go there on New Year’s Eve to shop for traditional dishes for eve and New Year’s Day.

I got those messages that I would run into him on New Year’s Eve at the Japanese supermarket, do you think it would happen?

You will know in tomorrow’s column!

Have a wonderful day!!

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