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Positive motivation and negative motivation


As we getting into a deeper fall, it has been so lovely in New York City. We require some jacket not only at mornings and evenings but also during day time. With the wonderful breeze, we can sit outside forever sometimes.

I hope that you all feel as wonderful as we feel in New York City.

I say there are lots of ways of thinking in this world. In our circumstances as in a developed country, we are swimming in vast of information that we can get.

What is the truth for us or what works for us, those that we decide in our everyday life.

In the vast of information, there are many many diverse ways of thinking too. We have social standards, customs, religions and so on in this society in diversity too.

I said, we make decisions everyday what to believe, what is the truth for us.

In the process of decisions, we do a lot of reasonings based on our own basic needs too. It is about what you think or you do based on what kind of reason.

A question; what motivates you to have some specific thoughts or actions in your everyday life?

Specific thoughts and actions in our everyday life. For example, what is your motivation to get up in mornings?

What makes you rise up in mornings?

Whatever the destinations that you have a school, work or taking care of your family at home, would you feel like obligation to do it or you truly want to do it?

Yes, it is about motivation. The reason why you get up and do whatever you do everyday.

You may feel like tired and unbelievable to have another morning and you have to get up even though you don’t want to.

You can’t miss your work because your boss would yell at you. You have to keep your job to take care of your family. Or you could impress yourself anyway doing it even though you hate to do it.

There are many reasons and motivations behind your doings and it wouldn’t be most positive if you think that you have to do it. You have to do it because you wouldn’t want to put yourself in the worse situation.

Instead, you could feel something wonderful happens to you on the day, simply looking forward to having another day, you get excited to see someone particular or you are dying to see your child’s smile. Those are positive motivations.

Your emotional state at the moment you become awake actually would tell you a lot about how you feel about your life or where you are at in your life.

When you feel excited then, you have a lot of chance to have a wonderful day on the day.

If you can recall now of the feelings that you had in this morning at the moment you became awake. Is the feeling positive or negative?

If you aren’t excited so much, it is still wonderful if you were feeling even neutral rather than terrible.

If you had to remove yourself desperately attached to your bed, you may not emotionally healthy lately.

You could say that you don’t have high expectation on your everyday life when you don’t have a good feeling or expectation on a brand new day.

If you have some event on the day that you are not looking forward to then, the negative feeling could be temporary. However if you feel overall not so great waking up in mornings, you may want to change your mind set.

Do you have positive feeling for today? If you feel negative repeatedly everyday, you may seriously want to change your mind set as soon as possible.

Again, motivation tells us a lot. We always have it whatever we think or we do.

For example, you run in mornings. You need some motivation or push yourself making it happen everyday.

In the circumstance, how would you push or motivate yourself?

If you think of wonderful morning air, how releasing after you run, excitement to see a man who you run into everyday in the running or how cute a puppy you always run into around corner in the running. They all feel positive motivation to me.

Instead, you think of how you feel when you let yourself down without running, you can get sick of your unmotivated behaviors without running, how disappointed your wife gets without you running, or how depressing you think of overeating at the previous night and scared you will gain weight without running.

Some of us could have feeling of going down on the slope to the hell in the desperate time with our own sabotage. Well I am not surprised if you heard the sentence.

And yet, they are not positive feeling of going down to the hell, lowering your self image, negative consequences when you skip the running. In the result, you are gaining weight too.

For example, people often say that to pay revenge to people who once looked down on them when you have transformation of weight loss.

People say that it is nothing wrong in the feelings of revenge though I feel negative. When you feel like you have to prove or payback, you recognized and decided that you were surely looked down on and also you have to keep the negative feelings until the day you pay back.

You have to keep the negative feelings until the day you can pay back. That is revenge is all about. There is no positiveness here because the person decided already revenge is only the way to feel good. In the thoughts, there is no relief until the day.

Now you may notice that there are lots of negative motivations in this world before we consciously notice.

In fact, in psychology, negative motivation is the most effective to achieve.

Going back to the running, we may have to decide with the most effective motivation process to use the negative one such as we don’t want to be fat.

We have punishment system in the society. For example, you may want to hurt someone with your own anger though you wouldn’t do it because you wound’t want to go to the prison.

It is not about virtue not to hit this person and forgive them but this negative motivation of punishment works very well as we know.

Yes. Not only the humans but also any animals. We all take pain, danger, punishments and fear much more seriously than other positive feelings.

To achieve something, it is unfortunately most effective to use the negative motivation anyway.

That is why regarding running in mornings, we tend to use the method of pushing ourselves with the fear to be fat.

However I must say that the acts and thoughts are already negative when we create them out of negative motivation. At the start, we feel negative then there is no way for us to turn it into positive.

For example, you want to change your life with hypnotherapy. You may want to think that you will have a wonderful life or you just want to get out of misery.

We tend to take action like this when we absolutely need to. Until then we must have known that we needed change but we didn’t make a move.

Such as when we get quite large because we stopped running long time ago and finally the partner left. This rude wake up call can change our attitude and also life after all.

We all know in our subconscious, we needed a change a long time ago but we wait to the last moment that we get truly desperate.

I recommend you check how much positive and also negative motivation that you use in your everyday life.

If you have much more positive motivation, you may be feeling pretty good everyday.

Otherwise please consider to make change today before a rude wake up call. I am looking forward to seeing you sooner!

Have wonderful day!

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