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Positive motivation and negative motivation


As we getting into a deeper fall, it has been so lovely in New York City. We require some jacket not only at mornings and evenings but also during day time. With the wonderful breeze, we can sit outside forever sometimes.

I hope that you all feel as wonderful as we feel in New York City.

I say there are lots of ways of thinking in this world. In our circumstances as in a developed country, we are swimming in vast of information that we can get.

What is the truth for us or what works for us, those that we decide in our everyday life.

In the vast of information, there are many many diverse ways of thinking too. We have social standards, customs, religions and so on in this society in diversity too.

I said, we make decisions everyday what to believe, what is the truth for us.

In the process of decisions, we do a lot of reasonings based on our own basic needs too. It is about what you think or you do based on what kind of reason.

A question; what motivates you to have some specific thoughts or actions in your everyday life?

Specific thoughts and actions in our everyday life. For example, what is your motivation to get up in mornings?

What makes you rise up in mornings?

Whatever the destinations that you have a school, work or taking care of your family at home, would you feel like obligation to do it or you truly want to do it?

Yes, it is about motivation. The reason why you get up and do whatever you do everyday.

You may feel like tired and unbelievable to have another morning and you have to get up even though you don’t want to.

You can’t miss your work because your boss would yell at you. You have to keep your job to take care of your family. Or you could impress yourself anyway doing it even though you hate to do it.

There are many reasons and motivations behind your doings and it wouldn’t be most positive if you think that you have to do it. You have to do it because you wouldn’t want to put yourself in the worse situation.

Instead, you could feel something wonderful happens to you on the day, simply looking forward to having another day, you get excited to see someone particular or you are dying to see your child’s smile. Those are positive motivations.

Your emotional state at the moment you become awake actually would tell you a lot about how you feel about your life or where you are at in your life.

When you feel excited then, you have a lot of chance to have a wonderful day on the day.

If you can recall now of the feelings that you had in this morning at the moment you became awake. Is the feeling positive or negative?

If you aren’t excited so much, it is still wonderful if you were feeling even neutral rather than terrible.