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To acquire fulfilled life


It is everyday that the fall is getting deeper in New York City. Before the real cold air comes in, it is the one of those best seasons here.

Now on, we have Halloween, Thanks Giving and also Christmas. This season is always exciting as usual.

We will have more opportunities to meet people or we will go and see our own family in this season. It is exciting season though same time, it could be a stressful season too.

In family members, our boundaries get fuzzy because we are so close to each other as living in the same house or having such extra ordinary emotional intimacy each other.

Family members share some of our own privacy that we never show outside the family or some information that we never share outside the family.

In this sense, it is common that we have more ego centered communication within family. Then we tend to violate the boundaries on our own with our own family members.

Of course, not only family members, but also romantic partnerships have same tendency. At the beginning, we try not to show who we are though it is nature for us to reveal who we are in the progress of the relationships.

That is why it is so important for us to feel like we are lovely in our own skin. If we love ourselves, it is going to be much easier for us to have great relationships.

When you love yourself, we tend to think that others would love you easily. In self loving, we accept who we are including our own imperfection so it would make us easier to love someone else who has as well as us imperfection too.

It is not just about relationships and romance. It is every where that we have opportunities to accept ourselves for who we are with imperfection and flaws.

Not only our beings but also even this entire world has imperfection too. There is no one without flaws and anyone or anything in this world got good things and bad things within.

For example, our work. Even when we love our work itself, we may not like the commute or maybe our boss.

Even though we live in a country of peace and safety, we have to be aware that there are wars or killings in some parts of this world.

Even though we live in a safe society without war, we may feel disagree with some systems or something unreasonable in this society too.

Everything and everyone got good points and bad points as a fact. When that is persons or things, we will feel positive when we pay attention to good things in the subjects.

When we pay attention to only good things in a person, the person looks like a good person and when we pay attention to good things of this world, we may feel wonderful about this world.

Pay attention to good things in any subjects, it is called positive thinking for sure.

If you can’t help noticing flaws even when people admire you or you can’t stop criticizing your partner even when everyone says that they are wonderful, you must not prating positive thinking.

When we criticize ourselves, we tend to be harsh on the others. Some people don’t openly show criticism though self criticizing people have negative perceptions.

It is not enough that we pay attention to good points. If the subjects are people or animals, they act and say things to you.

Yes, they make mistakes. People say something others don’t want to hear or some people cheat on their partner. If it is an animal, they disgrace a space by mistake.

If it is your own puppy and they use bathroom in a wrong place. However you will have to forgive when you see the tears in their eyes with their guilt.

Humans have to behave better than other animals though we make mistakes too as cheating.

Cheating has much more background in depth. We have hard time to understand that they actually know it is wrong but they do it again and again sometimes.