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3rd eye really exists


I was talking about my own experience that possibly my religious background influenced me in my childhood.

I want to repeat it here again that I am not against any religious believes.

In my clients, of course, a lot of people in different religious backgrounds though I work with them along with their belief.

Not only that, I am proud of having variety of clients who have faith in religions, only believe in science, or some where in-between.

I work with clients sensitively and I am not going against their belief anyway.

I help people who suffer from negative self images a lot and religion has something to do with the self image, then I work with them regarding their own interpretation of religions sometimes.

My sole purpose in my practice is to help people feel better or simply feel happy and I believe that feeling happy has a lot of do with self esteem too.

As we know, if someone doesn’t want to change anything about them at all, it is not right time for them to have therapy.

It is probably impossible for anyone feel better while not to change their perception at all.

It makes sense if someone doesn’t feel well and wants to feel better, therapy is there to change their way of thinking in positive way.

Religion or anything else shouldn’t be blame at all and I always find ways to work with anyone, I believe.

I mentioned that main concept of Buddhism is that life is a training.

I actually didn’t know the principle as a girl though everything made sense the ways I grew up when I got to know it much later in my life.

I look back and feel like my and also my people’s values were based on the concept.

I couldn’t help noticing that something very serious and unspoken languages as a girl that we are not supposed to enjoy anything.