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5 star review and the Universal tests


It is a global era that we are in and traditionally speaking, in New York, all people with different countries and values get together to stay together. I am privileged to work with clients who present their diversity in many ways.

Religeons, believes, cultures and fashions. In many ways, we are free to express our differences in New York City.

In our collaborations, my clients and I, I came to realization whatever the differences we present each other, overall human minds work in a very similar way when we talk about our feelings and emotions.

Not only in my New York City office, but also my clients and I are connected with Skype or FaceTime to work together. More and more I gain knowledge of cultural authenticity of people in this world, the more I recognize authenticity of functions of human minds are global and universal.

Despite skin, hair and eye colors, almost in the same way, our mind functions and also heals accordingly. I am getting in depth of my confidence that global healing is quite possible in this process.

As I mentioned, even though my clients diverse, a lot of them are connected each other and referrals are one of the strong leads to my practice. Referrals could be international and global too, as a matter of fact.

In a similar sense, reviews are so important for my practice. I received a 5 star review so I want to introduce it here in my website. Please click here, if you want to see the review in their website.



  1. Danielle W.

  2. Brooklyn, NY

I saw Mitsu for several hypnotherapy sessions and would highly recommend the process (and have to several friends!) for anyone who has found themselves feeling “stuck” in a bad habit, place, or just overall negative perception of their lives.

You will dig deep in hypnotherapy and go places that you may not expect. You will be grateful, however, to uncover how your known fears and anxieties – or experiences buried in your subconscious – have shaped your behavior and your outlook on life.

With that realization you can begin to acknowledge, heal and move forward with a new perspective on what you can accomplish –and, if needed, cut from your life.

If you are open to the process and want to tap into the feelings that may be hindering the progress you’re searching for, I would highly suggest seeing Mitsu.

I began to see changes in my behavior, and, more importantly, my perspective on things, after just one session. Stick with the process and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the transformation that can take place!

Thank you so much for the amazing review! Reviews always give me opportunities to refresh my thoughts and attitudes.

As a matter of fact, sessions are almost always positive in my practice and I feel blessed.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t satisfied with my own work as a therapist performed in the “Conscious” level long time ago. I had never seen significant healing or improvement after the first session either.

I unfortunately have to tell you that I didn’t have fulfillment or achieving feelings with my own job back in then. After the period, I pulled myself from mental health field and was unemployed for 8 years.

Then, I ran into hypnotherapy and it changed my own life then I decided to go back to the field with using outstanding treatment method of hypnotherapy.

I feel like I went back to my own life mission and this fulfillment in my life is hard to describe by words.

I believe that this achievement was in me as my potential from my birth. However it didn’t come true until the day that I got ready for the mission.

We all have enormous potential in us but not everyone can make them come true. Some of us couldn’t all of the potential come true in the lives.

This is about the Universal Laws and we are here to make every potential of ours come true in our lives.

It is “blocks” to unable us to make our potential come true. Blocks are making you not to believe in yourself and play conservative and safe and in the result, your success could be minimized in your life.

In our everyday life, you may be told by people around you to get a job even though you want to be a rock star.

You may come to the conclusion not to pursue your dream because you can’t make it anyway. We can always find rational reasons why we don’t pursue. It is fear to fail.

We can’t blame people around us to come against us about our dreams. They care about you so they don’t want to see you disappointed or failed at the end. That is why they suggest you to chose a wise and reasonable paths.

Yes, playing safe and conservative would bring you less hurts or fails in your life too.

Or maybe the conservative suggestions are just assassins sent by the Universe. Well, I could say that those are tests in other words.

The Universe wants to know how determined you are with your life mission and purpose. How does it know your determination? It tests you.

Repeated suggestions to give up in words from people around you, rejections, failures or struggles that you have in your life. They could be all the tests.

Again and again and again, challenges come to us even when we are fed with them. However we all go on, and that is the Universe wants us to do.

We give up when our negativity in us overpowers us. Those are blocks in us to give up our own life missions and minimize our chance to be amazing in this world.

My job is to help people to undo the blocks. Then we can succeed in the way we are supposed to.

And my life missions give me achievements and they undo my own blocks in even depths. Of course, it is a life mission, the reason why I was sent to this world. And we do great in this world, we would get rewarded too.

Have you found your own life mission and purposes? Multiple words to describe but, do you know the reason why you are here now?

If you haven’t, you may not feeling fulfilled. You may not feel like yourself.

It is most healthy for us, our minds, our souls or spirits to have purpose or mission to live with.

If you feel missing something in your life, it might be about your life purposes or mission.

You may come up with more convenient or easy reasons why you feel missing, such as being a single, or don’t enjoy the job.

However at the end, you may not be happy even when you gained everything you wished for. The experience was mine and I am speaking from my own experience in the past.

Furthermore, the Universe may suggest you to go to different directions. If you are doing something rather than your life mission, you may feel unfulfilled. In the result, you may start looking for something else to do and it might be a cool suggestion to you by the Universe.

Many challenges happen to you and quit your job or divorced. They might be suggestions from the Universe to do something else or make some change in your life.

Don’t you have the experiences? Leaving something lead you to a new path or you wouldn’t have succeeded without divorce, or something like that.

The Universe suggests you to move onto the paths towards your own full potentials, why not?

I am here to pursue my life mission to unblock people. Then a lot more people would feel more comfortable with their own decisions and success.

We may think that we needed the failures in the past, or we wouldn’t have ever been successful without failures or messages or decisions that we made in the past.

You want to be on the right path? I can help you.

Have a wonderful day!!

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