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5 star review (insomnia), Souls and Spirits

Hello! It’s been two months since the lock down has begun. No one enjoys this situation and stress level could be high in it.

I am offering stress releasing spa in virtual. This is virtual spa that feels like went to spa without going there. You know, subconscious is very powerful so we use it. As I say, subconscious state visits us randomly a few times a day. Without it, we use only around 5% of our brain in our conscious, normal state. This is science.

In the subconscious, randomly visits us a few times a day, we can use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than usual (conscious). This subconscious happens to us when we are relaxed in body and mind. This is science too. There is a way of thinking for us to use this superpower to do something great to ourselves. In the sense, subconscious shouldn’t be a random occurence so we can use the technique of induction to make it happen to improve ourselves and it is called actually hypnosis, the induced subconscious state.

In the subconscious, you can feel like being in spa without going to spa. Contact me for details.

Today, I want to introduce 5 star review I lately received. If you want to read the original review on Yelp, click here. **************** Wendy L. New York, NY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/9/2020 I have heard a lot of good things about hypnosis. After suffering years of chronic insomnia and depression, I was desperate to try anything that can potentially help. I don’t care if it is real or fake, I just did not want to continue to live under the shadows of insomnia and depression. 

My Insomnia:  I have suffered from insomnia for about 3-4 years or so, sleeping at most 3-4 hours a night. There are many many nights, I cannot sleep at all. During the worst time, I couldn’t sleep for 3 days straight! I will never ever forget that hellish feeling and those experiences that led me to it. I tried two kinds of prescription pills. One totally failed to work. The other one stopped working after the 1st time. So I gave up on prescription pills. 

My first session with Mitsu After the first session with Mitsu, I went home and slept better that day. After that, I immediately booked a 6 full package session with her. Because I feel very confident that it will help me with my insomnia. That was exactly what happened.  I am going to skip all the details of my hypnosis sessions. Some of the stuff that came out changed my perception of reality forever. You have to be open to experience the hypnosis yourself. Overall, it felt like some super heavy junks were lifted from my soul. My healing journey did not stop with Mitsu. After that, I tried Reiki (also first heard about it from Mitsu). I continued to explore different modalities of healing.  Since I first met Mitsu, I now felt like I have been reborn as a person. I also felt like Mitsu was the first human being that guided me to the path of healing. Thank you! **************

Thank you so much! I always appreciate the reviews! I say, hypnosis is based on science and subconscious is the last frontier for humans to evolve. At least, in this cutting edge science.

And it is totally waste that we actually use only 5% of our brain in our conscious (normal state).

We should use all of our own ability to evolve and contribute to the world. And it is possible. As I said, induction makes subconscious usage possible whenever we want to and whatever we want to achieve. It is called hypnotherapy.

It doesn’t only solve our problems, but also we can extend our ability and possibility.

Hypnotherapy can make it possible and effective on changing our values and perception with using the subconscious power we naturally have in us. It is about science.

However some clients of mine are lead to have spiritual awakening because of the experiences that they have.

That is just because right now a lot of spirituality can be explained within science. In the past, regretfully speaking, spirituality was just one of those superstition or silly facts.

However science and spirituality are merging. For example, we found micro level of reduction of our weight when we die in our cutting edge scale system.

It might be weight of life is lifted because of death, people say. The weight of “life”, “soul”, “spirit” or “energy”.

We call it in many ways but I mostly call it “energy”.

In this observation, “energy” comes out from our body when our life ends. It seems that way. In other ways, we call this kind of energy, “ghost” or “force” or “energy”.

In the way, the soul, life or energy can be recycled or not? I say yes because why not? Then definitely we could be talking about reincarnation.

Scientifically energy is explained as vibrations in us, 40 trillion micro cells and each one of them is vibrating when it is alive. And we are releasing the vibrations from our bodies and it is called energy.

We human adults don’t see energy so much, however animals are different from us. Animals see and feel energies amongst us.