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A type of life and vibrations


I was talking abut energy in this week. Of course we have scientific explanation of energy so I am introducing it here today.

Energy is vibrations from our micro cells in our body and we have 40 trillion cells in us in total even though there was an era we believed it was 60 trillions in the past.

Each one of the cells is vibrating if it has a life in it. If it is not vibrating, it is not alive.

In the sense, the vibration is a proof of a life in the cell.

We are releasing vibrations came from our 40 trillion cells in us from our body every second and it is called energy.

Vibrations, energy whatever we call it, it is telling us a kind of life we have in us, isn’t it?

I say, energy doesn’t lie. For example, a lot of my clients are so good at pretending that they are happy or ok. However I feel their vibrations of otherwise.

As we can tell sometimes the smily face that we see doesn’t mean that they are happy but they are actually sad and we feel so sure of our sense often times because we can read energy.

Of course because it is vibrations so we can feel it from the others.

Also we can sense the energy in long distance when the channels are opened. People call the ability as simply senses, prediction, or telepathy.

Interestingly, often times people don’t know how they are truly feeling like in them. A lot of people want to believe that everything is good though their energy will show the truth in them.

I can say that the energy is the truth of ourselves deep down in our subconscious and sometimes we don’t even know how we feel like in our conscious level.

Lately, we got to know about subconscious power and energy work related. Meditation and others. All kinds of energy work is available for us.

Some says that they can remove the evil energy out of someone else’s body and mind. If we pay some money to the person, the person will remove or change your energy for good.

I personally don’t believe in any of those.

Energy is in us. Of course because it comes from vibrations of micro cells in our body.

There are some kinds of energy that we believe. Energy in our body or energy without any body that we can see like live persons. But those are still energy.

Some people say that there are evil spirits or some kind of psyche that someone is releasing at you. But those are still energy.

The difference is if I could see it like a live person or not.

And now in our modern science, we can weigh the energy. We can weigh the differences in weight before death and after death, well, in micro level.

Scientists wanted to explain the reduction of weight because of the energy came out from the body when the death happened.

In this concept, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are energy with body or without. We might have called the energy without body as spirits or ghosts, I say.

But still energy is energy. It should operate its system in the same way with body or without.

We release the vibrations from our body and the vibration/energy attracts or rejects other energy time to time.

When some attracts or rejects, probably we have to change our own energy so we will strengthen or weaken the connections in-between the multi individuals.

There shouldn’t be differences if the energy is with a body or without. Energy is attracted each other in subconscious level even when one of them thinks they never attract them.

As a person, of course we have lots of reasons why we can’t leave a bad and toxic environment. For example, you hate your boss though you can’t leave the job for money and family, or you can’t leave your abusive partner sometimes.

In the sense, you are the only one person who can decide what to do, leave or even stay.

If you are spiritual, you know karma that plays reason why part in someone’s life. Lots of energy or karma are complicatedly related and attached to the matter that you are dealing with in the sense.

Even when it is karma or anything else, it is only one person who can get out of the situation and it is you.

That is the reason why I don’t believe in the concept that someone else can remove your evil spirit away from you.

Accordingly no one can make you stop thinking about your ex-partner if you don’t decide to forget about them.

There is a reason why in you that you can’t get rid of them from your mind. There is a strong sense of attachment in you, then moving forward from your love may feel you so difficult. We can work on the attachment issue then.

Of course, moving forward from relationships is not easy at all. That is why I believe that “Danshari” is not just about organization, but it is about emotional and spiritual work.

“Danshari” is a Buddhism terminology so it makes sense that it is emotional and spiritual in the concept and actions.

Speaking according to the universal laws, we’d better get rid of anything not serving us very well because they will lower our vibrations. It takes a lot of courage anyway.

And only you can do it for yourself but no one else.

I will talk about it more in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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