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A victorious person


It has been over two months since the lockdown took place and we all are needed to have adjustment in this life style.

If you could use some relaxation, you could try "virtual spa" experience in my Skype session. This virtual spa experience is to feel like you went to spa without actually going to spa and it is very effective.

The reasons to feel like very real is all about your emotional state of Subconscious. In conscious (normal state), we use only around 5% of our brain. However in subconscious, we use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than usual (conscious) state.

Whatever the experience including relaxation you have in the subconscious will feel like much more realistic and effective than the ones experienced in your conscious.

Have a try today! I am looking forward to giving you the amazing spa experience! And also I have a new website opened. If you are not reading this column in the new website, please click here . This website is bilingual of Japanese and English.

As I mentioned, the lockdown is stretching over 2 months in New York and major systems including courts are closed except for the cases to threaten people's lives like restraining orders.

It is a big deal for people who are relating to any legal issues in this period and they could be frustrated when they can't punish or sue people who they believe should be punished.

It must be stressful for them the court cases are on halt like this. I had some interesting conversation with someone relating to the issue the other day so I wanted to share it with you today.

In this situation, there is nothing we could do no matter how much stress we have, we can't pursue our law suits because the courts are closed.

In the sense, it is waste for any of us to feel stressed out. No matter how much negative feelings we brew in us, nothing is going to move on.

We could keep brewing the stress and hating the situation and the opponent everyday. However what for? Because our negative feelings wouldn't actually put any effects on the opponent at all.

Your hatred wouldn't correct the opponent's behaviors or even thoughts anyway. However anyway we tend to hate the opponent and also stressed out with the situation.

However, again, what for? Your negative feelings (energy) may go against you because the opponent could become more defensive or even more aggressive to respond to your negative energy.

When someone hates you or tries to damage you, you will definitely try to protect yourself. If the hatred and aggressiveness towards you is not significant, you could ignore though you will have to go at them when the attack becomes significantly offensive.

You don't want anyone come at you in full strength even when the person is not even powerful at all because the situation could be much more troublesome in the sense.

I say, our opponent would be super defensive and come at us when we say to destroy it, like the COVID-19. No one wants to be destroyed anyway including virus.

That is why the virus changed the formats and versioned itself up already. It is the new virus form, is it? Because we beat the previous version.

It is instinct of any life to survive. Survival is our, all of lives' mission and agenda. We will do anything to survive as our nature.

We couldn't beat roaches and mice. Any life is there to survive and resist any of harms to it. Our mission is to carry on our DNA so we are here to avoid death.

Some scientists already said that there wouldn’t be eradication of the virus. The more we try to eradicate, they will try to survive even harder. That is life’s nature and it alw