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Addicted to eat?

On the other hand, dependency is similar to addiction though there is no withdrawal symptoms.

I know some people call over-eating and obesity as an addiction though in the technicality, over-eating should be dependency because simply there is no withdrawal symptoms from eating.

However in details, we have cravings. It is not actually appetite though there is the “urge” to eat more and it may be some kind of brain chemicals there and maybe in a way, it could be withdrawal symptoms in precise but we don’t know it yet at least in mental health main stream.

Overall, in main stream, we call habitual and tendency of behaviors as dependency and addiction is with withdrawal symptoms.

I said that we want to watch our reasons why we have tendency to use some substance. As I start paying attention to it if there was extra tension in my daily life or not when I have to use a glass of wine to calm down at the end of the day.

If there was a reason, I will work on to reduce the stress. Normally it works and I can get off from wine easily.

However as I said, before I ran into hypnosis, things were different from now. I, long time, couldn’t get off from over-eating so I was chubby, well, more than that for decades.

In my practice, I find my clients to drink because of their tension and the tension often times come from child abuse.

I want you to know how scary actually anything happened to any child because they were so young. The smaller the more scary, I say.

Because they don’t understand how the world works when they are so small. Not only the fact, but also it is so scary if the adult hurts them.

They surely remember how scary the events were and those fears could be triggered by daily events such as you had arguments with your co-workers, or your boss didn’t like your work.

Every one of us has multiple inner child(ren) in us even though we don’t think or don’t believe we care about any past incidence, however we definitely do.

It is common for any of us that past events create tension and stress in everyday life and start drinking although they don’t know the reason why of the tension in their conscious level.

However they are in the mood of tension and feels heavy so they use a tension lifter at night.

I am going to get into a topic of how to fix addiction and dependency in the next column. Eh? There is rehab? I have to tell you that rehabs normally scratch the surface of the problem. I will tell you why in the next upload.

Have a great day!

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