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Addiction and diet rebound


The reason why relapse of addiction happens often times.

Then I have to go back to the conversation that I had with my supervisor in my Master program when I was being trained to be a therapist.

I told her that I didn’t understand the feelings of addicts and asked by her if I could give up on sweets on my own.

As you know, addiction is medical condition that individuals physiologically need certain substance and one of the visible signs is withdrawal symptoms.

First of all, alcoholics are naturally love to drink at the first place. That is why they drink a lot and develop alcoholism.

Cocaine and heroin are addictive too. Cocaine is stimulant so it must be used when someone is feeling down to stimulate the mood.

Heroin is sedative so it must be used to calm down and relax when someone is feeling tensed.

They are addictive so there is a chance for any users to be addicted. They were supposed to be habitual because they are addictive.

Not only alcohol, cocaine and heroin for us to be habitual users, but also other things are also highly habitual too.

Those are eating sweets, over-eating, gambling, sex or etc.

However as I mentioned, technically, gambling or sex are habitual though it is called dependency not addiction when anyone get hooked.

Addiction and dependency have same mechanism and anyone can get hooked with something they love to do and start doing it a lot.

When they love to drink, they drink a lot, when they love cocaine, they use it a lot, when they love to gamble, they may bet their own house on it, when they love to eat, they eat a lot and get large.

Addiction and dependency are separated in the mental health filed though the problem here looking similar that they do too much of their favorite things.

If it is cocaine or heroin, they have higher chance to die. Overdose is getting common and common.

In the process of developing addiction, it is likely for anyone to start using whatever that is more and more so overdose happens in the nature.

Alcoholism doesn’t have so much of overdose except for the cases that high school students get killed with acute alcoholism syndrome.

Those cases might have involved with some other substance with alcohol.

Some experts say that alcohol addiction is self hurting leading to suicide because step by step the addiction will kill you hurting the liver and other body functions.

Addiction is highly rated dangerous though how about over-eating?

In a case that your favorite thing is eating so you eat a lot when you feel down. Over-eating doesn’t look like certainly addiction, does it?

No one takes it so dangerously about over-eating like addiction when over-eating is a problem on someone. And a lot of people love to eat.

Some people don’t smoke or drink but they over-eat instead, don’t they?

And diet rebound surely looks like relapse of addiction after treated in a rehab, doesn’t it?

Over-eating is not alcoholism though obesity will slowly kill us and harm us in our everyday life living in our best.

Weight control relapse is hard enough that some of them burst out of staples and over-eat again even though they went through gastro bypass surgery.

Again addiction is chemical reaction so it is against for us to get out of the habit. However dependency doesn’t have any chemical reaction in the sense but it is still so hard for us to get out of it.

Furthermore, I have to say that over-eating and obesity is serious that 60% of us have weight problem anyway.

I am going to talk about how we could get out of addiction and dependency in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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