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Adoption, divorce and signing on book deals


I am from really a small town far from Tokyo in Japan and ended up with living with my 4 children including adopted two in New York City now.

I accomplished that my future prediction in my writing assignment as a third grader said that I was going to get married with a foreigner and have boy and girl twins.

Well, divorce was not in the writing so as the adoption but other things came true. I just ended up in the way without conscious thinking.

My sister’s death changed my life and it happened in the last semester of my Master degree program. Her children were already out of touch with the father long time.

The idea of adoption came from my husband, now my ex-husband and adoption was in process when my adopted daughter was 18 so we couldn’t adopt them if they were not a set deal with her little brother.

And any adoption wouldn’t happen after 18 years old so it was really a time limit at the time.

My adopted daughter’s 19th birthday was coming in the January so we had to go to Japan in my pregnancy with my own twins for the interview of adoption.

If you are interested in stories behind, I wrote a lot in my book of “Rules for Success—How to live happily” so please take a look at Amazon from here.

I decided to go to Japan in my pregnancy for adoption interview though I was told that I shouldn’t take a plane because I would break my water and have miscarriage or something like that.

However I was so sure to go to Japan anyway.