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Adoption, divorce and signing on book deals


I am from really a small town far from Tokyo in Japan and ended up with living with my 4 children including adopted two in New York City now.

I accomplished that my future prediction in my writing assignment as a third grader said that I was going to get married with a foreigner and have boy and girl twins.

Well, divorce was not in the writing so as the adoption but other things came true. I just ended up in the way without conscious thinking.

My sister’s death changed my life and it happened in the last semester of my Master degree program. Her children were already out of touch with the father long time.

The idea of adoption came from my husband, now my ex-husband and adoption was in process when my adopted daughter was 18 so we couldn’t adopt them if they were not a set deal with her little brother.

And any adoption wouldn’t happen after 18 years old so it was really a time limit at the time.

My adopted daughter’s 19th birthday was coming in the January so we had to go to Japan in my pregnancy with my own twins for the interview of adoption.

If you are interested in stories behind, I wrote a lot in my book of “Rules for Success—How to live happily” so please take a look at Amazon from here.

I decided to go to Japan in my pregnancy for adoption interview though I was told that I shouldn’t take a plane because I would break my water and have miscarriage or something like that.

However I was so sure to go to Japan anyway.

Luckily, adoption was completed though the US visa for adopted children didn’t come so we decided to move to Singapore.

There were some reasons why we ended up with Singapore and I ended up with going to my own first hypnotherapy session there because we had to live on the 28th floor in the small country without child proof so all the windows were wide opened in the heights.

I was terrified with the situation and my twins were only 17 months then. I was long time afraid of height too.

I wrote a lot about the life there in my book so please take a copy for yourself.

We had such a difficult time especially adopted children who just lost their mother in a terrible way. Now they are survived and well in New York City.

My marriage went to separation in Singapore too though I didn’t have any second thoughts about it at all.

I don’t know why but I didn’t have a mind of reconciliation at all at the time.

Although I had so much pressure from people around me. First of all, my own therapist told me not to let him go because I would never find the man as good as him.

I became upset and told her that I wished she was more positive about my future.

That is the reason why I recommend anyone to have a positive person as your own therapist.

You really should chose positive and also happy person as a therapist.

Talking about myself then as a house wife who was unemployed for eight years up to then, divorce didn’t seem a good choice for me at all though I was surely determined for it as even my ex-husband told me how easy I was in the difficult period.

I can’t explain why I was all going for the divorce though probably I knew that it was supposed to happen to me in my life.

I think of it and believe that divorce had to happen and because of it, I truly became serious about my practice.

In the process of publishing my books in Japan and in the US, I never wished that I would want to talk about it to someone to make a decision at all.

I felt strangely that the book deal just came to me and there was no mind for me to have second thoughts about it.

And I must say that I had to get some negative comments on it when I talked about my book publishing. However my decision was firm.

I can’t imagine in a marriage, I had to talk about my book deals to my partner but I couldn’t decide it on my own.

I single handedly, simply and quickly decided on book deals and signed away on it too. Well, for Japanese contract, I had to use my own stamp my name curved on though. They don’t use signature on contracts.

In the marriage, I had never read any legal documents because I let my husband take care of those.

It is strange though I could take care of everything on my own all of sudden then.

I will talk more about strange things in my life in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!

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