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Amazing Forest Therapy


The perfume survey job gave me not only freshly out of routine experience but also opportunity for me to think about my practice from the different angle. It was a great opportunity and experience in my career so thank you so much!

Usually in my routine work, my clients came to me when they are motivated enough for their own treatment though those survey recipients were not as motivated as the usual clients I get.

Survey recipients are, I say, halfway motivated people for hypnosis and this fact presumably would make a difference in the result of therapy.

Whatever the treatments we have, the more motivated and believe, the better results at the end.

That is why I take some time to talk to my clients before the hypnosis and help them fully understand the scientific background of hypnosis and also get a trust from them as much as possible because it would make more successful therapy after all.

If you truly believe that you can change your life even before the session, of course you have best potential to be successful in the therapy.

However most of my clients as first timers are not most positive people in the general populations due to the nature of my work. Basically people come to me when they have problems in my clients’ majority.

First timers come to me to solve an emotional problems such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or etc.

That is why it is uneasy and also important for them to feel positive about treatment from the beginning.

Of course repeaters are remarkably more positive than general populations and being more successful in their career too.

Some first timers came to participate into the survey and in the result, I was impressed with the amazing effects of Forest Therapy that I offered for free for the participants.

Even though the survey took more time than I expected and it was only 20 minutes of Forest Therapy sometimes. However I was pretty impressed with the amazing effects!

This was unexpected surprise. I used to perform the Forest Therapy after some “Inner Child” work to let the clients relaxed in a good environment such as this forest. Sometimes Inner Child work could be intense.

And also during performing the Inner Child work, I wanted to use the energy and environment that comforts my clients too.

I can explain about this forest a little here. I run a sound of forest during my clients hypnotized and suggest my clients go into the forest. Furthermore, I suggest them to enjoy the fresh air and the environment there.

Almost all of clients feel instantly better in the forest. And I use the method of “Direct Suggestion” of hypnosis and suggest them to feel better and better then.

I suggest them how fresh and positive the air there too. A lot of people try to breathe in a lot then.

Very very rarely, probably 0.1% of clients such as only one or two in hundreds of clients feel otherwise.

One person couldn’t get to the forest once. The other’s forest started having fire in it. As a matter of fact, the person who in the reality in the past, had a house fire trauma on their own.

Of course I can handle the situation when clients can’t get to the forest or fire in the forest. And 99.99% of people surely enjoy the forest well.

In my understanding and belief, there is no bad effects from hypnosis sessions. When you have trauma in you, naturally the trauma wants to be resolved so any trigger in everyday life can remind the feelings of trauma or trauma itself.

As a matter of fact, we all know that even psychotherapy can put us in a difficult path sometimes. However those difficult times are just process all the therapists must say.

I had clients whose trauma was triggered in an energy work session and came to me to have some relief. The person had a difficulty to live in a daily life so I helped them to calm down in the session.

In the case, I must say, it is not about treatment but it is about trauma. Brain tries to resolve the trauma as its instinct when there is trauma in someone.

Again and again your brain tries to process and resolve the trauma so you have the memory comes back to you repeatedly to make you feel pretty bad in your life. A lot of times, it causes depression or other unwanted behaviors such as over-eating, over-drinking or others.

Sometimes you have a better time though it would come back. Just because it is the way that your brain works.