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Angel number

Angel number

I am now into numbers lately. It was like 10 years ago or even earlier than then, I was seeing my birthday numbers a lot. I was born on June 23 and was seeing 623 in digital clock lots back in then.

I wasn’t amazed or anything then for some reason though I think it was more than odd. It has been a while since I started seeing 623 lot less than before.

The other day, I saw someone posted in Facebook that there was meaning when you see same numbers multiple times. I just commented that I saw lots of my birthday numbers then I was told there might be meanings.

I got interested and did some research. It’s called Angel Number that you see same numbers often. It means that there is a message from higher power to tell you something by numbers. Interesting, isn’t it?

I am not so superstitious though sometimes I have some interesting incidents in my life. This birthday number thing is one of them.

Birthday number is signs of that returning to true yourself, recognizing meaning of your purpose, being thankful to your life, releasing old things, and also celebration on stepping up your stage. Very interesting.

I understood that I found a purpose of my life right with my work as a hypnotherapist. So message was delivered to me that I understood.

Now I am into numbers. I open my cell phone and see the time then sometimes double digit same numbers and I get excited. I saw traffic to my blog and sometimes like just 100. I saw PC clock 11:11 in this writing too. I read that 1 is really a powerful number.

I enjoy being into numbers. Why don’t you try it with me?

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