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Brain remembers everything in fact


In yesterday’s column, I was talking about how brain remembers everything, in other words, brain has every memory but we can’t recall everything in our conscious level.

Because of course, conscious is not our best that we are using only around 5% of our brain to recall everything in us.

However we have all the memories in us for sure so those memories could be triggered any minutes when there are opportunities.

We actually don’t know much about brain yet. However we know that there are some memories in our deepest down in our mind and those are triggered and appeared on the surface for a minute or two before we know it.

For example, in our sleep. Because we don’t have conscious in our sleep so brain works independently follow its functions.

Extreme example is such as amnesia from some kind of accident. However brain still has the memory.

The reason why the person can’t recall it is about defense mechanism. Our mind is protecting us from being extremely scared, or go insane with the fear. Brain shuts the memory out of our conscious, that means that we can’t recall it.

When we don’t want to remember, the memory is in the deepest place rested in us, right?

However the brain still has the memory even though it is never be recalled in our conscious level.

One of the functions of our brain is processing the trauma until it feels safe again and again.

Trauma means, psychologically it is not always life or death. Trauma is events or thoughts impact our lives in negative ways.

In the sense, some people say that we have 3000 or 5000 traumas a person and it makes sense.

Truthfully speaking, of course hypnosis can help people recall the lost memory.

I actually helped some people in the past. I wrote the experience in my book, “Rules for Success—How to live happily”, so I am not writing here again.

If you are interested, you can go to Amazon here.

If the memory is trauma related, we should be very careful so it may take some sessions.

Because there is a reason why the memory can’t be retrieved at the first place. The mind is trying to protect the person from emotional shock.

When the mind is trying to protect us from shock, we need to respect the function. Also a lot of people misunderstand hypnosis though hypnosis is not controlling people.

Hypnosis is the subconscious state that we all naturally have though it is called hypnosis when the subconscious state is induced.

When we use the technique of induction to make the subconscious state happen to us, it is already called hypnosis.

That is why hypnosis has very hard time to do something against the recipient’s will. The recipient has to feel comfortable enough to have hypnosis.

That is why I take time to talk to my clients before hypnosis. I make great efforts to help them understand mechanism of hypnosis, make them relaxed and let them trust me as much as possible.

Because the kind of condition making to make hypnosis even more effective in the session.

As I mentioned, memories are all in our brain even though we can recall them in our conscious or not.

However when we can recall the memory in our conscious, we can get depressed constantly with the memory.

Even when we can’t recall the memory in our conscious though our brain still tries to process the memory/trauma in our brain.

That is why we can have some uncomfortable dreams in our sleep and feel pretty bad in the morning but we have no idea why we feel bad.

With amnesia or not, the phenomena is still there. Sometimes we think that we processed the trauma but most of the time, it is not done in satisfactory way.

So in the case, brain tries to process the trauma in our sleep and makes us feel pretty bad in the morning.

Do you experience bad feelings in the morning or in your sleep ? Or any time in a day all of sudden? It is possible because countless memories are stored all in our brain.

All those things like, someone’s words, temperature, smell or something else can trigger the memory any time.

Some kind of subtle signs or feelings or nuance in a day, same words, same situations can trigger the past memory all of sudden and we don’t even notice the feelings were from the past memory.

There are traumas that we can never recall in our conscious.

Often times, we discover those in the sessions and my clients tell me that they never remembered the event though it was bothering them in great deal.

Because the memory was surely in them but they couldn’t recall them in their conscious. Because our brain stores everything in us anyway.

I will continue talking about this in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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