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Can't download memories in your slow mode/conscious


I talked about we have all the memories in us even though we can’t recall everything in our conscious level in yesterday’s column.

Because we are almost always using 5% of our brain and it is called conscious state.

In our conscious level, we are using around 5% of our brain and conscious level means our emotional state while we are awake. Most of the times when we are awake, we are in conscious level.

It’s unbelievable that we are using only little percentage of resources out of entire ability of ours, right?

That means of course, we are not at our own best almost all of the times while we are awake.

With the fact above, memory recalling must be challenging because we have gigantic files of our own memories in our brain and in conscious, we are using only around 5% of our brain means, we are very very slow computer in the sense.

Gigantic files of our entire memories can’t be downloaded to our brain in conscious because it is like very very slow computer then.

So it means that we have all the memories stored in us but we can’t recall them all in our conscious level.

Anyway, we can’t recall everything we have in our brain as memories in our conscious state because our brain function is not at our best. We are only using around 5% of our brain.

However we store everything in our brain and it will cause some problem. I will talk about it in tomorrow’s column.

Anyway above is the reason why I perform sessions with using my clients’ subconscious state. Then we have much higher chance that we can recall our negative emotion triggers and cues.

With the same reason, it’s unbelievable but it’s true that we feel like we are focused ever but it is likely we are not.