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Capricorn Full moon and lunar eclipse is devilish!


It is Capricorn Full moon and lunar eclips at 5:38pm on July 16, 2019 in New York. It is powerful chart in astrology with this energy.

How would you be enjoying this energy?

I am not only a certified hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, but also an energy reader and also a psychic and I am feeling this powerful energy in exact.

First of all, energy is vibrations of 40 trillion micro cells in each one of us and the vibrations are released from our bodies.

Those cells vibrate when they have lives and there is no life when they don’t vibrate so the vibrations mean a proof of life.

In the sense, energy is how you vibrate your micro cells or what kind of life you have in you.

Vibrations are proof of life and came from the each micro cell in us so everything happening in your body should be relating to your energy/vibrations.

It might be feelings in you, some blood flow, fresh air that you inhaled, or anything else that you took in into your body.

Those all should relate to your energy/vibrations including what you ate, how much sleep you got, what kind of conversation you had at where with whom.

Everything should affect your energy, shouldn’t it?

Furthermore, it is vibrations, we should be feeling it each other amongst us and in-between us. It is about how you feel when you step into a room and feel comfortable or uncomfortable. That is all about energy that we feel from the others.

We should feel the vibrations each other and attract or react each other for sure.

Speaking of relationships, we call it Chemistry, the energy in-between romantic interests. We have the chemistry or not mean almost everything in our relationships.

Attractions are inevitable when it happens. We know it, don’t we?

First of all, I was always sensitive to the energy that people including my clients have.

Sometimes frustrations feeling heat in my feet, fear almost feels me shaky in my feet or anxiety is most common in my clients tingling my feet.

I started working harder to maintain my energy calm when I started feeling the energy of for example, extensive fear even from the text messages that I got from my clients.

Furthermore, I noticed that I was getting energy from my friends or others in close relationships in geographic distance. One day, I felt depression like being put in a dark hole and found that someone important passed of the person who I well know.

Even in session room, when I was talking to my clients, I noticed that I was receiving images from them. Sometimes those are faces of others and also background stories with them.

It is not like I am seeing with my eyes or hearing them with my ears. It is more like receiving them in my mind or popping up in my head and acknowledge them.

I participated into a burial the other day of my loved one and received a message how she felt free without uncomfortable body.

She was screaming with joy how free she felt without her body then.

She was surely an active person though she got so old in the end so she seemed frustrated with her body so much at the end of her life.

The experience even assured my belief of energy existence without the bodies. I can’t express well enough how joyful she sounded felt me with her flying around as an energy without a body.