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Child up bringing and who the parents are


I have four children including 2 adopted ones so naturally child up bringing is one of the topics always in my mind.

It is a very important project too, of course.

My life mission is to increase happy people in the world so gaining happy next generations is seriously important too.

I have child clients who their parents bring me too.

Of course, every parent hopes their children’s happiness and how to bring them up happy.

Some people who don’t have a child yet may have interests in this topic too.

Some people just want to have a child so they are eager to marry someone or some people hesitate to marry because they don’t want to have a child.

Either way, child up bringing is one of the important projects in our lives in many ways.

Personally I was never interested in having children and always told by a fortune teller that I won’t have luck to have a child.

However I ended up with four children so the life is always unexpected.

Personal opinions, with my knowledge from education of psychology, and also my professional experiences, child up bringing demands all of the parents for who they are.

It is true reflections of selves so if you think that you wouldn’t want your children to end up with a person like you, it would be a problem right there.

I hear a lot of “I don’t want my child end up like me.” and it makes me sigh.

Some culture tends to sacrifice themselves as parents to give happiness to their children.

If I have to say the conclusion, the logic is hard for it to happen anyway.

Monetary success may happen in the logic though true happiness hardly happen in the logic of sacrificing parents and happy children.

I will explain why.

First of all, the origin of your own children is actually you.

Then if you think that you are not good or not so important, then your child’s origin is actually something not so great or important.

It is hard for us to create something wonderful out of something not so good.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel wonderful about yourself, it is hard for you to feel wonderful about your creation.

I have some clients who can’t receive compliments and don’t know what to do with them.

They wouldn’t believe that some people say their creation is wonderful.

It was like myself long time ago when I was going to pottery studio everyday.

I was receiving a lot of compliments on my pieces everyday though I couldn’t receive them at all.

Some of them were impressed with my pieces though I felt nothing about it and believed that anyone could make them in the same way.

Not only that, but also I paid attention to some flaws of my pieces much more than positive points.

It was before I ran into hypnotherapy and my psychotherapist one day told me to love something I made.

She suggested me to love something I created because it is relating to self loving.

It would be easy to love your own creation when you love yourself.

If you don’t value yourself much or can’t help noticing flaws of yourself even though others never noticed them, then you would do the same to your own creation.

And of course, your child is your own creation.

Loving yourself is actually the way to make a happy child of yours.

I will talk about how to bring up happy children while loving yourself.

Have a wonderful day!

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