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Depending on grades

Depending on grades

As I live in the US, I see many people who go back to the school to pursue higher degrees. I went back to school once to obtain a Master degree though I see people who have 2 Master degrees often here. I admire their enthusiasm and pursuit of higher educations though I see some patterns in some of those people so I am writing here.

I see those elements in my clients sometimes though some people wonder where they are at in their everyday life, how hard they are actually working or they feel anxious if they are doing ok or not. When you have a job in a corporate, you have performance reviews. However you don’t have any reviews regarding your personal life, how you are doing as a mother, father, a single woman or a single guy. Have you ever thought of how you are doing in those or felt anxious about it?

I had some anxiety when I just finished my Master degree. I was reviewed every minute in the school program and worked hard then. I just simply knew how I was doing then because there were grades all the time.

However everyday real life is not working in the way. Some people feel anxious in the situation. If there is a situation in everyday life that we can be reviewed or appreciated though we wouldn’t know how we are doing unless you have a rude wake-up call like when your child got a problem at the school.

I met people who frankly said that they loved school because of the reasons why I just told here. Yes, we can know easily how we are doing in schools. Schools got numbers and alphabets that indicate your performance in grades.

Ideally it’s the best that we all know how wonderful we are doing by ourselves. I feel lucky because I had opportunities to get rid of negativities in me in hypnotherapy and ever since then I don’t have a major problem to recognize how good I am doing everyday.

I was happy that I could tell all of my children how great they were doing everyday and I would love them forever at my birthday dinner in this June. Also I could do the same thing to myself in front of them to acknowledge how good I was doing everyday and also would love myself forever. I hadn’t decided to do it beforehand though I just wanted to say it to everyone when I had dinner with them on my birthday and I am so glad that I did it to everyone including myself.

I do recommend you to give good reviews to your loved ones and also to yourself. I hope that you are enjoying your life with acknowledgment to your virtues and goodnesses. Everyday efforts and accepting yourself for it is rewarding and everyone should be doing regularly.

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