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Eating changes moods


I am writing this on August 8, Saturday and I am aware that it is called Lion’s Gate today in astrology. It means that the door in-between universal, which means five dimensional world and our world, three dimensional world is opened the most in the year.

It is once in each year when the sun is in the Leo in this season. I am not an expert of astrology though Leo goes from July 23 to August 22, right?

It means that the sun is in the Leo sign. We decide our sign depending on the location of the sun when we were born.

However some people disagree with the sun oriented birth chart and the sun chart tells us our personality observing from the outside though the moon chart tells us more like our internal characteristics.

Those tell that the moon oriented chart tells us more of true of ourselves. About me, my birth chart is the Cancer according to the sun and Sagittarius to the moon.

Again I am not an expert though cancer and sagittarius are not similar, I believe. I love to cook and sewing though I love to have fun or changes or get bored quickly and try to chase something more interesting like sagittarius too.

Like I said, my birth chart is called “Grand Cross” and it is very rare so I am supposed to have very different elements and characteristics in my charts.

Anyway, the sun is in Leo now and the door to the five dimensional world from us is opened now.

Today, August 8 to 12th, the path is most opened and especially 8th is very important that I read.

August 8 represents 8 and 8 and the number 8 means infinity and abundance, of course in numerology. We had a full moon of Aquarius on August 3 and I felt strong energy shift too.

I feel like strong energy shifts are happening in this August and overall, Lion’s Gate is known about encouraging ascension.

Ascension is normally known as grade up of soul though personally I believe that the soul is most pure at its birth, then karma or ego attached to it as we have many lives.

Thus in ascension, we process karma and overcome ego so we are going back to the pure souls in the process, I believe.

Of course, karma comes from our own ego and desire to control whatever in this world. For example, you are jealous and hurt someone because of it, karma is the wrong doing based on the jealousy, which is ego.

Jealousy is ego because it is about yourself even though cheating partner made wrong doing. Basically jealousy is the belief that someone else has more of something or someone you want.

Even when your partner cheats on you, you wouldn’t be jealous when you don’t have feelings of your partner was possessed or taken by the mistress/mister or the mistress/mister has more of your partner.

Yes, I personally don’t have much of jealousy. I overcame the feelings that someone else has my guy more than me. No matter what he does, I still can believe that he is mine when I know that I love him and he loves me.

I don’t doubt love so much either. I worked out a lot in being single so I am a better person now because of the learning experience as single.

I still remember how insecure I was when I was in love in the past. However I have overcome it a lot. I developed a lot of belief in true love so I believe that I am much better person now.

That is why I am ok when the relationship doesn’t complete, it means becoming solid partnership or marriage in this world.

This is another reason why my own divorce was one of the best things happened to me and I believe experience of falling in love and being in relationships are best for us to learn as a person.

Anyway, releasing ego and karma is done in the ascension and now it is time for it in this Lion’s Gate, so please release whatever you don’t want as emotions and all that if you have.

For example, fear of failure, anxiety that bad things will happen to you, or belief that you are not good enough, or sadness and loneliness to be alone.

Those are ego and must be karma too.

It is the best time for us to release now, the best time in this year!

I say, the ego that we want to put something in our mouths. Of course. I have experience that everyone was hungry in all the past lives of the person who were large.

Sometimes there is karmic elements influencing on your behaviors and traits in this life.

If we can’t fix the eating habits within the present life work, we can try past life work too.

However I am talking about simple mechanism of overeating today.

A lot of people (including me in the past) overeat. Actually eating is the most tricky subject in behavioral correction.

Why? Because we can never avoid eating. We have eating, sleeping and excretion as our basic functions.

Nobody got immune. Everyone eats, sleeps and excretes.

Of course, we have often times problems in sleeping or excretion. A lot of people come to me about sleeping problem and also IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is common now too.

Not only having bad tummy, but also some vomit when they think of something bad. I watched a movie that a woman had to vomit when she lied.

It is very realistic about this. Probably the woman believes that lying is bad and she feels pretty bad when she does.

Then she naturally creates toxins in her body because of the guilt so she has to vomit because she can’t tolerate the toxins in her.

People have different reactions such as vomiting in shock or fainting in some shock and etc. All those behaviors are simply to protect themselves.

Of course, vomiting lets toxins out of the body, fainting avoids the person to see, hear or experience the terrible events they encounter.

Not only that, fainting removes them from the position to handle the situation in any levels. Yes, fainting is ultimate avoidance to deal with the terrible event.

Eating is unavoidable, not only that, but also accessible to everyone.

The most handy mood changer, I say. It is the easiest and most effective, I say and doesn’t take any efforts at all so gets done in subconscious level.

We could use a drink to lift our moods. However not every household keeps liquor all the time.

We can use drugs to lift our moods though this is pretty troublesome task. We can’t get drugs around the corner for sure in the sense.

We could sleep in when we don’t feel well. However we are likely not be able to sleep in then.

We can excrete. Well, it is common for some people use laxative to feel better.

We can use sex. Well, we need a partner or maybe masturbation. It is handy enough.

Probably this is the best, using the Internet to lift moods. Many many of us do it and do it all day long before we knew it. The behavior could be problematic then.

I got better one, it is video games. Many many people do it. Very handy too though it would be a problematic behavior if we do it all day.

I picked up some of mood changers we normally use here. Probably the winners are eating, Internet and video games, aren’t they?

Why? Because they are very handy and most accessible. You can always do them at home easy.

That is the reason why obesity is such a big problem in the US. Eating is the best mood changer in fact.

I will keep talking about this and how to kick the bad habits in tomorrow’s column!

Have a wonderful day!!

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