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Ego, suffering and religion


I talked about morality and goodness in humans and religions play a role to maintain those in us in humans.

As I said, we have similar functions and feelings such as goodness and guilt in all of us.

Of course everyone is different so how we feel or how much we feel would be different in each human being.

And there are people who have disorders lacking goodness to tell right or wrong or feeling different around it.

Some people who are sexual offenders, serial killers or ones with developmental disorders may completely or partially lack goodness that humans naturally have in them.

Those disorders are categorized in DSM-5, which therapists and psychiatrists use in order to diagnose mental disorders.

I am talking about people who don’t have those mental disorders here.

In standard population, challenges to our own goodness and dignity are our own ego such as desire, jealousy, anger, anxiety, sadness and etc.

If we can’t overcome the ego, we try to ease our pain and do something going against our own goodness and dignity.

In the process to overcome our own ego, there is suffering. I don’t believe that suffering is bad though it feels hard.

Everyone has suffering including great Buddhism master, Shakyamuni.

He kept pushing himself in his training to diminish people’s suffering.

Then he realized how hard he trained himself, people still suffered. He cried and from his right eye tears, White Tara was born and from his left eye, there was Green Tara born.

I know this story because the goddess related to some significant event happened to me in my life and it changed my life.

I wrote about my own life changing story in my own book,

“Rules for Success―How to live happily” published in January 2020.

If you want to take a look at Amazon, click here.

As I mentioned, great Shakyamuni even suffers. We really should have some suffering, shouldn’t we?

Whatever hard happens to us, we think that we are in worst luck or something wrong with us.

That is when we are given opportunities to overcome our ego. And in the end result, what happened is called sometimes “failure”.

In my understanding, those are not “failures” though they just didn’t meet our own expectations. They didn’t come out in the way we planned, that’s it.

Yes, whatever things don’t go in the way we planned, we call them “failure”.

In my opinion, whatever things happen to us are actually “meant to happen” because we needed the experiences but we just call them “failures”.

Some occurrences meet our expectation or some don’t meet our expectation. All of the happenings are learning experiences for sure.

In many religions, we are given opportunities to work on our own ego. Monks, nuns, preachers and fathers, in those positions, they are more or less to give up their own desires.

Sometimes, they give up on marriage or any types of belongs or possessions.

Buddhism nuns shave their head in giving up on being attractive as women, Buddhism monks give up on their possessions except for their own capes and jar to receive food for their services of chanting.

I read that in Buddhism, saints wear fancy clothings and accessories though after enlightenment, they wear something very simple.

I know some people are into “Danshari” and it is some ritual of Buddhism so act is spiritual too.

It is part of giving up on belongings and possessions, which is relating to giving up on our own desires.

That is why “Danshari” not only reduce your own possessions often times declutter your space, but also it may give you a peace of mind too.

A lot of people have hoarding syndrome and it is psychological explanation for it and getting rid of things is very emotional for some people.

Some religions carefully define some concept that shouldn’t be treated lightly. One of the examples is sex.

Some religions define sex as negative. I believe that sex is very private though it should never be a shame.

In my own experience in Buddhism culture, I believed that sex was defined as negative for sure.

I say, I can’t think of more powerful energy exchange rather than sex. Unity of body and mind and also communication in-between souls that I believe.

Of course, sex creates new life so it really shouldn’t be a shame in the sense at all.

However the more powerful we feel like, the more serious trouble we can get ourselves into.

Powerful force as sex may place us in a wrong path that some of us believed and feared.

Powerful and needs caution to deal with, it is like “fire” given to humans.

We never let children handle any fire.

In the sense, we feel truly powerful about sex so we feel like we can’t trust even adults to be able to handle sex rightly .

It tells us how powerful sex is for humans.

I am going to talk about religions and human emotions in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!

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