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Energy changes everything


I was talking about negative energy, health, appearances, beauty and youth and the correlations in-between negative energy and those.

Of course, when you have negative energy, you wouldn’t feel good and it somehow will show on you.

And of course, energy is “Chi”, well, we Japanese say “Ki” though, so there is a flow in you and around you. Different kinds of energy are mixed, sometimes they don’t get along and it causes clogs or something.

About me, I was always chubby as a girl up to the middle age in my life. I was trying to balance myself, even out my negative energy with eating in my whole life up to running into hypnosis.

That was all I knew a temporary relief from stuffing myself with food so I became chubby. I didn’t know the mechanism of my behavior though.

I thought I loved to eat and I had big appetite so I over-ate and got larger. I had no idea that my behavior was coming from my negative energy in me in my entire life up to the point my weight started dropping.

I mainly thought that it was my genes, love to eat and tend to be large.

In my 20s, I got on diet of one meal a day and got thinner. However from my 30s, I was getting larger and larger and finally hit my max around there after the first divorce.

I realized that I was over 70 pounds lighter than my max weight after I lost weight after hypnosis sessions.

I didn’t go to hypnosis for weight loss at all. I wanted to clam down in the environment of living on 28th floor with my acrophobia in Singapore.

Then I was blown away with the result as a professional therapist so I continued working on myself in hypnosis.

As I worked on myself, I was eating less and less so I was losing weight.

In the process, I obtained knowledge that raising metabolism with gaining muscles in my body, which actually reversing aging process.

Yes, I took protein shake, gained muscles and raised metabolism to keep my weight low.