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Energy changes everything


I was talking about negative energy, health, appearances, beauty and youth and the correlations in-between negative energy and those.

Of course, when you have negative energy, you wouldn’t feel good and it somehow will show on you.

And of course, energy is “Chi”, well, we Japanese say “Ki” though, so there is a flow in you and around you. Different kinds of energy are mixed, sometimes they don’t get along and it causes clogs or something.

About me, I was always chubby as a girl up to the middle age in my life. I was trying to balance myself, even out my negative energy with eating in my whole life up to running into hypnosis.

That was all I knew a temporary relief from stuffing myself with food so I became chubby. I didn’t know the mechanism of my behavior though.

I thought I loved to eat and I had big appetite so I over-ate and got larger. I had no idea that my behavior was coming from my negative energy in me in my entire life up to the point my weight started dropping.

I mainly thought that it was my genes, love to eat and tend to be large.

In my 20s, I got on diet of one meal a day and got thinner. However from my 30s, I was getting larger and larger and finally hit my max around there after the first divorce.

I realized that I was over 70 pounds lighter than my max weight after I lost weight after hypnosis sessions.

I didn’t go to hypnosis for weight loss at all. I wanted to clam down in the environment of living on 28th floor with my acrophobia in Singapore.

Then I was blown away with the result as a professional therapist so I continued working on myself in hypnosis.

As I worked on myself, I was eating less and less so I was losing weight.

In the process, I obtained knowledge that raising metabolism with gaining muscles in my body, which actually reversing aging process.

Yes, I took protein shake, gained muscles and raised metabolism to keep my weight low.

I wasn’t always lowest in my weight and I thought that I wanted to lower a little in this lockdown. I wanted to use the opportunity of lockdown positive some how.

Probably I lost 12 pounds in total now and still want to lose 7 or 8 pounds to make sure. Then this time, I really want to keep my weight lowest in the future.

In the weight loss, we need radical change in diet so I watch my calorie intake carefully now, taking protein and raising metabolism.

There is no trick here, well, in my opinion. When we eat more than our base metabolic calorie, we will start storing excess fat in us and it is called gaining weight.

Diet never works in the sense, of course so we have to find ways to eat right, exercise, and balance them all.

We have to master the life style to stay healthy, I say.

It is easy for us to know our base metabolic calorie depending on our age and body size. Of course we need to consider how much activity we have to burn our calories in the sense.

Those numbers don’t lie. It will show when you keep it right.

Body, mind and negative energy, of course they are all related. When I was larger, I hadn’t exercised for probably 15 years up to the point.

Not only that, I was always tired, catching a cold or I can say that I wasn’t well overall.

Not only I lost weight after running into hypnosis, but also I am not tired as before or even rarely catch a cold.

In winter in New York, everyone has a cold including my adopted children in their 20s and also 10 year old twins.

When twins were smaller, I was told that those small children alway get sick but they never had fever so my youngest boy made perfect attendance for 5 years straight and also my youngest girl missed only one school day in 5 years.

In households with small children, other family members get sick too. My youth, adopted children in their 20s were sick time to time with fever while my twins got at least runny nose and cough.

Me, I don’t even have runny nose or cough in the coldest time. My children know it and have to admit the power of positive energy.

Of course, I am physically getting older and it means weaker and weaker though I seem like stronger than my youth in their 20s.

In the conclusion, negative energy lower our immunes. When we get rid of the negative energy, we can keep our immune strong, I say.

Those are what energy does to our body and how about our mind?

I was unemployed for 8 years before I ran into hypnosis. I got a business to run in New York City now, speaking, my hypnotherapy practice, and also published books in Japan and the US.

I was on radio live shows including 30 minutes or 1 hour for 12 times in the past.

I will talk about this more in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!

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