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Energy doesn’t lie


Do you believe in energy? Some of you may think of spirituality when they hear the word of energy.

For me, I grew into believe in energy and incidents and events that look like co-incidence are not really co-incidence. I wasn’t spiritual at all at the first place anyway but I grew into the place.

For example, it seems like a random topic with my clients before hypnosis though the random looking topic turned out to be a core topic in the hypnosis session after all.

Sometimes something I was thinking about on my own for a few days before the session and in the session, the topic became a main to work on in hypnosis.

At this moment, I believe that there is no co-incidence in this world and events and incidence are meant to be because our own subconscious minds prepare them in careful consideration, thoughts and plans so they finally happen.

As I say sometimes, subconscious minds are very natural state and yet very powerful.

Subconscious state is natural as we actually experience a few times a day in daily basis. Probably it is subconscious state working on us when we get all of sudden a great idea looking like very co-incidental.

That is why we all can use subconscious minds and we already use subconscious minds daily basis. Subconscious is innate ability that we have and very powerful one.

Powerful as we can use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than usual in subconscious although we can use only around 5% of our own brain in our conscious, which is our normal state.

Yes, we are using only around 5% of our brain in our conscious, which is normal state. In our subconscious, our potential would be fully used for the first time, I say.

This idea is relating to contents of “higher self” in a spiritual topic and we are supposed to connect to our higher self when we are in our subconscious.

This fact is known in scientific and also spiritual field and the border line is now so vague regarding this topic in between scientific and spiritual worlds.

Furthermore, the idea of higher self as powerful force, we have ideas of Laws of Attraction and also manifestation of what we want in our lives.

Some people don’t know the details of the theory of Laws of Attraction though we all want to believe that we can manifest what we want in our lives, don’t we?

Getting back to the topic of energy. As we know, energy is vibrations. Scientifically, we have 40 trillion micro cells in each one of us and each micro cell is vibrating in the micro level.

If they are not vibrating, there is no life in them so the vibration is a proof of life. The way they vibrate is reflected by anything to do with anything in you, that theory is convincing to me.

In micro level, the way of vibrating is relating to the emotions, stress, where the person does what with whom, what the person eats, or what kind of environment the person is in. If you say, there is no relations in-between vibrations and your environment sounds like non-sense to me.

This vibration itself is called energy so emotions are energy too and the way of vibrating is the way that the person lives.

Positive, negative or whatever the way of living reflects in the vibrations and releasing the vibrations from our bodies. They are called energy.

If we say that energy is vibrations, there is some kind of tunes in it and there is compatibility or conflicts. When you are trying to tune into the particular energy, you can receive the energy and influence each other is pretty sense making.

And because energy is vibrations and tunes, we should be able to feel it each other in micro levels too.

Some people are naturally sensitive to feel the energy of the others and they may use the talent for their work as an energy reader.

Healers or energy readers can do some work with using energy source and flows. However we all can have ability to sense the other’s energy in some levels for sure.

Sometimes we have unspoken conversations with eye contacts, we understand each other without any words, remotely sensing someone very important for us, or something like that. Those are relating to energy reading and they happen in daily basis.

Some of us believe in their own instinct and potentials and make moves without hesitation flawlessly, yes they do.

And yes we do that we have potential more than we ever thought of. Our instinct would be able to tell us that we would use the ability one day and we could feel the day will come in our instinct.

However we developed a tendency not to believe anything precisely we can’t prove in science. Because of the tendency, we are driven away from using our best of ability.

In other words, we can be even much more successful when we can just follow our own instinct.

Part of my job is help my clients believe in themselves based on their own instinct. In the process, we wouldn’t need any self doubts or second thoughts especially when we simply want to follow our instinct.

The negativity of self doubts or second thoughts come from our own past experiences especially from the failures. Of course. We never forget our failure and a great deal of pain in the past and they interfere our own belief in ourselves.

When we didn’t have the negativity in us, we would be able to believe in ourselves better and follow our instincts.

It is part of my job to help my clients to work on the negative experience in the past, so called failures and pain. It would be much easier to do it when we have hypnotherapy on our side because we can use our own subconscious to work on it.

If we didn’t have any negativity interfere our instinct, we would be able to pursue our goals without any fears.

Like a new born baby, our curiosity wins rather than fear that we get hurt. Of course new born got immature brain but still we can say that the less failure and negative past experience, the less we have fear in us.

Energy is vibrations so they reflect or influence each other. As long as we live in community to share the space with others, this is important topic.

For example, relationships make people try to connect each other and of course they relate to energy too.

Connecting each other or tuning into the same channels because we want to have a relationship.

When we try to tune into each other, what would happen? If the two energies are different from each other, we need to change the tunes to be connected or accommodate each other to connect.

If they are different as icy cold water and hot water, or snowy air and tropical air, it would need some work to be connected.

It is like hot summer day and in the evening, suddenly air gets cold. Then wind appears because of friction between two different temperatures. When the friction is great, it would be tornado.

Then viper action happens in the process and it would be heavy rain or hurricane when the mixture was dramatic and significant.

Whenever two different elements meet and connect, harmony or not, it depends.

When you want to be with someone gentle, you’d better be gentle too. Yes, it is about energy.

It is not about surface, the way you present yourself. Some of my clients are good at looking very confident though it is not their real energy.

Energy never lies. However you put full of smile on your face, your energy would tell me the truth when you cry inside you.

And energy surely attract each other so you should be truly wonderful when you want to be with a wonderful partner. Not just on the surface though in the true way.

Not only the romantic relationships but also business too. Successful people are sensitive with energy and a lot of them believe that they are very lucky too.

They will review and watch their energy when untrue people approach them. When their vibration goes low, they believe that unwelcome and untrue people come closer to them.

It is true that vibration/energy goes down even while we believe that we keep it in high vibrations and energy attracts each other when the tune is matched.

Anyway, energy never lies and also basically can’t be manipulated or pretended.

We pretend to be positive or happy. However they are not true energy of ours.

In the case, in the conscious, you believe that you want to be successful though it would be the truth if you don’t deserve it at all in your subconscious.

Subconscious is much more powerful than conscious so it would be difficult for your dreams come true if you don’t believe your own success in your own subconscious.

This theory is also about Laws of Attraction or manifestation as I mentioned earlier.

Expression of “from the bottom of my heart” should mean subconscious level. The key to success is to believe you truly deserve your own success in the subconscious. The belief would put you on the path to manifest your own success.

Believing in yourself in true way. It is subconscious and energy. Would you want to maintain your energy/vibration high? It is quite possible with using hypnotherapy.

In person sessions held in New York City and Skype sessions are available any where in this word. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Have a wonderful day!

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