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Fetus experience and the birth


I am uploading my websites every night around 10pm at New York time. Thanks for reading this! If you are reading this in Japan, you are already in Monday morning and I say happy Monday!

It is Sunday today and it is chilly in New York in tank top. If this weather happens, we will be into fall very quickly as usual year.

Then soon, we hear it is October and Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is going to be New Year before we knew it every year.

I wonder what is going to be like in this year under the circumstance of COVID-19.

It seems like New York City public schools are going to be opened partially from this September. Students are going to be divided into 2 groups and have in person classes half of each week for each group.

I am planning to have in person sessions again. Some of my clients are very sensitive about emotional and physical distance with others so in sessions, it is important for them to have in person sessions even though the effects from Skype session is the same as in person’s.

I was talking about memories of fetus’s in yesterday’s column. I have my first hand experience too and often times, the fetus experience would impact on the condition of the birth.

I wrote about this in details in my book, “Rules for Success—How to live happily” (One Peace Books) so I am not writing it in details here.

If you are interested, please have a copy in Amazon, from here.

There is Kindle too!

Yes, the mother’s mind set is possibly impacting fetus’s emotional well being as I said. My case was crucial. I was about to die at my own birth in reality.

As a fetus, I learned that the world was a terrible place so I resisted to come out to this world.

I got to know the background situations of my birth and reasons why in hypnosis session, much later of my life, I was surprised and also everything made sense at the same time too.

From the fetus age up to around 45 years when I recalled my fetus memory, I had the negative values of the world. I wonder how scared I was as a little tiny baby when I had a concept of terrible world.

I also think how terrible and negative that I believed the very same concept for over 45 years and how influential my values on my life and also my mother’s values about the world onto me as my own experience.

The smaller you are, the weaker you tend to feel about yourself, and the more impacting you may feel with any threats as a small one.

Of course, fetus is very small and unstable so they must feel vulnerable and could be scare of a lot of things then.

We already know that it is important for us to have a healthy and pleasant experience in the prenatal period and it is science too that we should avoid stress and take care of ourselves with extra cautions.

Beyond the science, energy and universal law concepts are also quantum physics too and it tells us even more important for us to know the importance emotional wise in the prenatal period.

Mother’s emotional wellness including the mind set must greatly influence on the fetus as I mentioned in the special circumstance that mother and fetus have in the unique and one of the kind of bonds that they have.

Of course, mothers are anxious too in the circumstance such as more nervous or anxious than usual.

As a professional and also considered my own experience, communication is very important, feelings of bonds that co-exist, co-operating, and support each other.

Mothers are not perfect either. In psychology, it is basic theory, the smaller the child, the more tendency that they think that parents are perfect and greatest in this world.

However, as we know, no one is perfect. Sometimes as parents we are armature. Of course fetus has to feel safe with the mother though same time, it is great for mothers to tell them that we are doing our own best.

Like I said, co-exist, co-operating, and support each other.

In psychology, in teenage, they find that parents are not actually perfect or the greatest in the world, then they start challenging them or resist their authority.

Well, we as parents don’t have to impress them from the beginning then, do we?

When the parents try to keep the authoritarian figure highly or force the child to follow the discipline, the resistance may be more severe at their teenage.

It is all for this week and I will keep talking about this in Monday’s column!

Have a wonderful day!!

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