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Freedom is hard


I am continuously talking about how to change my life in this column too.

At the time, I moved to New York, I learned already over the years that women could have proper career in the US. That was first thing opened my eyes years back.

I struggled enough in the first marriage in Japan that I didn’t have any of my future career as a married woman at all. It was 1/4 century ago in Japan.

It was dream come true and I thought it will change my life and finally feel the way that I always wanted to feel…

To get the career that I wanted, I needed more education. I was accepted by one of the top Social Work Master program in the US.

Before I applied for the schools in the US, I was given opportunities to decide what I wanted to do in my life for my career.

I was finally given freedom to choose my career even though I was married.

It was dream situation that my husband asked me what I wanted to do in my life…

I didn’t know…. I had no idea of what I wanted to do in my life even though I was dreaming all the time that the time would come that my husband asks me the question.

I was doing some accounting in the Newspaper company so I thought of accounting degree. I was not bad at it at all and also I was working in the British bank in Tokyo before I migrated to the US too.

It was all about survival… I had to do something to make money and support myself that I was absolutely told to do them as a child.

I wasn’t allowed to do anything unrelated to stable and tangible to support myself for sure. For example, no dancing, no singing but I was going to cram school to keep up my grades.

And my grades weren’t bad at all and I didn’t even know that I loved dancing in fa