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Going against the Universal Laws


I am updating my website everyday in this lockdown. I lately started writing in Japanese and translated it into English. However for some reasons, I am writing in English first today.

I still remember what it was like when I came to the US in August 1999. That means I have been here in the US for 21 years now.

I lived in Singapore for 2 years and in Michigan for 2 years but rest of time, I always stayed in New York area.

If you were born in the US and still live here, you would never know what it is like migrated to another country.

Earlier than 1999, I lived in Boston for one year. In the first marriage, my first husband got Fulbright scholarship and got a post doctor position in MIT. I was one of those MIT wives.

Anyway I never thought that I would come back to the US though I did and I never thought I would ever marry again though I did.

Life is unexpected and has to feel us wonderful in the way though we try to stick to our own expectations and get upset when things don’t come in the way exactly we planned.

The universe tries to teach us to let go of control, expectations and plans though it is hard for us to do it.

Technologies allow us depending on plans and give us most of control ever in human history.

If we feel we can’t control now, we wouldn’t have survived 100 years ago. Mortality rates were much higher and a lot of people lost their children in the era and loved ones.

The more we gain control over our lives, the more we try to control our lives. The direction is going against the universal laws for sure.

Actually when we start enjoying unexpected, we will be able to enjoy our lives better.