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Got a big brain in vain?


I was talking about our big brain that we are carrying all the time days and nights in our sleeping too.

Although we are using only around 5% of the brain in our conscious, that means basically all the time in our lives.

It seems like waste and we as creatures, we are not supposed to do it.

Thus, I believe that we were supposed to make full use of our own brain in our subconscious state. It totally make sense if we were meant to use it fully.

I am saying this again that we are using only around 5% of our brain almost all of our time awake and it is called conscious.

In contrary, subconscious is very special emotional state. It feels like deepest meditation and our subconscious state happens to us when we are most relaxed.

A few times a day randomly the subconscious comes to us though, of course it depends on a person how frequently or the quality. However it for sure comes to us when we are most relaxed.

Thus it happens when we are falling into a sleep in subway train or driving highway alone. When your body and mind are most relaxed, yes.

That is why it is not very likely that we are actually not using our subconscious state when we try to focus on something because we always get tensed to focus.

However we naturally try to relax with breathing deeply in the occasions, don’t we?

Probably we know it with our instinct that calmer mind will bring our subconscious state to us or breathing deeply will bring us relaxation.

In instinct, we know that we can make our best when we are relaxed most.

In fact, in the subconscious state, we can use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than the conscious state.

In subconscious, we are a super version of us as wearing a famous cape on and standing strong against winds, and of course our hair is flying then.

A technique of “induction” can make this subconscious state happen whenever and wherever we want. And when the subconscious happens to us with the technique of induction, it is already called hypnosis.

Yes, hypnotized state/hypnosis is our own subconscious state though induced.

And the power of the subconscious is in hypnosis as powerful as it is. I say, whenever we come up with amazing ideas, it must be subconscious and we can make it happen in hypnosis.

It is sense making that subconscious was supposed to be used by us. Of course. We are carrying a heavy brain though using only 5% of the brain all the time doesn’t make sense at all.

Hypnotherapy is to help people find true selves/potentials with using our own subconscious power and help people serve in this world much better.

Potentials, one of the most powerful potentials is of course using subconscious, I say.

The bottom line here for us to be good or even better in this world.

It is only our own benefits if we just want to be wealthy and in fact, and a lot of people focus on money making in this world.

In this kind of powerful trend, we all may feel like we have to focus on money too. If we don’t try, we may feel like a loser because everyone else does.

It is really tricky and sticky feelings of ours that we feel lost or making less than others when everyone is doing it and also it looks good but we are not doing the same.

That is why the concept of being wealthy makes us happy so we all should focus on it, is absolutely grounded and implanted in our society and also we get confused with the concepts of equality, fairness or even being standard or normal.

I believe that each one of us has our own capacity in so many different ways, and nobody is the same as others.

It tells us of course, no one does the same as the others in this world in quality and quantity that they can do in this world.

Thus we pay more tax depending on our income or we are given when we are disabled with social security.

Long time ago, before the social welfare, weaker people tended to be exploited. Like other animals, natural selection applied on the humans long time ago too.

I will keep talking about it in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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