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Have a little thought and your dreams will come true!


My upload was delayed in this week…because I had to review my final proof of my book being published in the US on January 3, 2020.

The title is “Rules for Success-How to live happily” and you can buy it in Internet bookstores and also as an e-book too.

To send the final proof to printing, I had only a day to review the proof so I was busy yesterday. I made it on time and I just returned the proof to my publisher.

As when I published a book in Japan and this English version of my book too seemed so put together after being edited. I thought who wrote this book and it was actually me because I don’t have a ghost writer.

I had same type of feelings when I was interviewed by a Japanese local newspaper in New York first time and my article was in the paper.

When I saw my own article, it looked so put together. Of course the profile and contents are true and a professional writer put my story together. I felt who was the remarkable woman then it was me…

I wrote my first book in 2016 and it was published in Japan in 2017. Back in then, I had never thought of being a book published author or planed to publish a book in my life.

At least in my conscious, I had never had the dream of publishing a book though I liked writing class as a child.

As I mentioned before, when I was 8 years old, I wrote that I would get married to a foreigner and live abroad with my own boy and girl twins in my writing class.

To believe or not, this writing contents came true as it is even though I was just caught up with the idea at the moment like any little girls do and didn’t plan anything too serious then.

Subconscious mind is always mysterious because how much ever we wish something in our conscious, it sometimes wouldn’t come true. However a wish would come true when we had a little thought of it or caught up with the idea for a while like I did.

I said “had a little thought” but that was my impression in my conscious level. I might have truly determined with the thought of my future maybe in my subconscious level back in then.

I sometimes say it in sessions to my clients that our life in the conscious level is shallow and only covers surface of our world.

Often times, we have true intension or beliefs deep down in our mind and it is different from the surface as we know them in our conscious level .

In our conscious, we are pretty much modified, restricted, and shaped to fit into our societal rules or standards.

Even though we have true desire to do something, we often compromise because of people’s eyes in our everyday life.

Without knowing it in conscious, we compromise and adjust our behaviors everyday. If not, we may be punished or criticized or even become unpopular or get a bad review so we adjust ourselves as we learned in growing up.

The more you feel restricted, the more gap you may have in-between true yourself and also the way of presenting yourself in public.

It is going to be at least stress when you don’t have to change yourself in public and private.

However it is going to be stress when you feel like true yourself wouldn’t be accepted by people in this society so you have to adjust yourself to be reasonable.

The reasons why we compromise is to be accepted by people in the society. It is going to be easy if we feel like accepted as who we are.

In fact, believing that true self would be accepted by people or you are going to be ok if you are not accepted by people, it means that you feel truly comfortable with yourself.

I believe that it is called confidence. Confidence is to feel truly comfortable with ourselves no matter what.

Some people claim that they act on with true self in daily life without untrue or lies though they believe in the way only in their conscious level so the judgment ability didn’t come from their best of the capacity because it is only conscious.

Because we humans use only around 5% of our brain in our “conscious”, which is normal state of ourselves. This is a scientific fact.

In fact, we preserve everything happened to us in our brain. Yes, technically, we remember everything in our life.

However storing the memory in our brain doesn’t mean that we can download everything in our conscious because we are using only around 5% of our brain in our conscious.

It is like downloading a gigantic file, entire memory of ours onto a slow computer with very little memory space, which is our subconscious using only 5% of our brain. That is why we sometimes don’t remember yesterday’s event in our conscious.

Complicated matter is that we store everything in our brain though we are not aware of every memory we have in our conscious level.

In our daily life, our memory stored in our brain without our conscious knowledge could be triggered by some kind of random triggers.

Many stimuli are in our lives. Something stored deep down in our brain could trigger some memory of ours in our daily life doesn’t sound impossible at all.

It is great if the triggered memory was a good one though if it was a bad one, you may have to have a consequence of depression or feeling down and you have no idea why because we don’t know anything about the memory that we have in our conscious level.

Unfortunately, possibility is higher that the memory is a bad one because of our brain function.

Brain naturally tries to process a trauma, which is in psychology, events or thoughts negatively impact on our mental and physical life.

When the trauma is not processed yet, the brain would try to process the trauma until it feels safe again in its nature and instinct.

That is why thoughts, feelings or events from the past would come up and bother us if those were embarrassing or unfavorable.

Subconscious state is a natural state of ours and it happens to us randomly a few times a day.

Probably it is subconscious working for you when you have a great idea come to you and it may look random thoughts then.

As mentioned, subconscious is a natural state so it doesn’t feel dramatic. We believe that subconscious occurs to us when we are going to sleep, driving or riding on a train.

Probably meditation is close to subconscious I believe.

In fact, when we make this subconscious happen to us by induction, it is called hypnosis and it takes only body and mind relaxation to induce.

The way I induce my clients is first of all, I instruct them to relax their body parts by parts. I may use the feelings of being in bath tub to relax too or feelings of being in a rocking boat.

Those types of stimulation, as we know, they can relax us well.

Then I would ask my clients to count the numbers backwards and this is mind relaxation as we use the technique when we are anesthetized.

After the simple procedures, you are hypnotized, that means that you are in your subconscious state.

Unlike the dramatic hypnosis image, real hypnosis is not dramatic at all. It is a relaxing and calm state after all.

And yet, the power of subconscious is amazing. We are going to use up to 95% of our brain in the state even though we are using around 5% in our normal state of conscious.

Scientists say that we wouldn’t need words to communication nor need to touch an object to move it when we can use 100% of our brain.

Potential of our brain seems like limitless and we actually don’t know much about it yet.

Not only that, our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than usual so our brain capacity becomes superhero version of ourselves then.

As I say, technically subconscious state is hypnotized state. Subconscious mind happens to us by induction then it is called hypnosis and my job is to give therapy to clients with using this subconscious state.

Actually my expertise is not only hypnotizing people but I’m a trained psychotherapist with a Master degree too so I deliver right questions at a right timing in the therapy based on my psychology knowledge to help the clients to change their lives.

However in this therapy, my clients brains are super and it makes so much difference from regular psychotherapy because of it.

And it makes me a hypnotherapist.

Maybe in my own subconscious as a child, I was so determined to marry to a foreigner and live abroad with my own mixed boy and girl twins.

That is why it came true.

It felt me like the same when I wrote a book in 2016. I believed that I couldn’t write a book in my conscious level. However one day, I started writing from the first line and was writing 100 pages in two weeks.

That means, I absolutely could write a book. However in my own conscious, I had never thought of writing a book or could write a book.

Yes, I had never planned to publish a book in my conscious before then. However I got a publishing contract in five months since when I started writing a book.

There was no connection to the industry or publisher and simply contacted some publishers with using public contact information.

Meanwhile I had to experience something mysterious again.

No connection to the industry or plan to publish a book, but I started having this image of my book cover. It is called “positive visualization” later I was informed and it is one of the brain functions.

Yes, probably, my subconscious mind was working hard for me even though I wasn’t aware of it or I wasn’t thinking of it in my own conscious to write and publish a book.

Because publishing a book came true. It didn’t happen to me that taking years to publish or even feeling difficult as many people describe about book publishing.

Probably because I had never thought of taking so long or difficult at all.

Whatever that is, it would be hard when you believe it is hard. It would be easy when you believe easy, I believe.

Don’t you think it interests us of subconscious?

Would you like to join me to explore self or pursue our own possibility with using subconscious?

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful day!!

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