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Have to feel special and privileged


As I was talking about, there are feelings being superior than others doing more makes us feel less than others and they are related. In psychology, we all want to feel special and privileged.

Being privileged and being treated exclusively feel us very special too. If we are obsessed with the feelings of being special, it would be tricky.

It could be illegal if you are treated exclusively in a way. For example, shop lifting is one of those exclusive feelings that we could feel because everyone pays though you wouldn’t pay.

No one wants to receive less than others or treated less than others. This feeling is related to the famous example of half glass of water too.

There is a half way water in a glass and some think that we still have a half though some think that we have only half.

Either we can feel that we have enough or not, and having enough situation will last or not.

I don’t have to tell you which way of thinking, feeling enough or not is positive.

It is like Seven Samurais of Akira Kurosawa. Farmers don’t claim how much or how enough they have to the others because then they will have to contribute more later.

Some people feel obligated contributing more when they are more capable or people believe so. That is why they under-claim their ability or capacity to the others.

We can see a lot more of it in survival situation.

However in our daily life, it would be wonderful if we can offer more or at least as much as we can offer without doing math of profit and loss in situations.

When we generously offer, we can actually do better in the world. Yes, of course. We don’t have to be stingy to offer.

And under-claiming or under-estimation of our own ability would hurt our better performances.

We all know that low expectation and limiting our ability are against laws of attraction and positive thinking.

We don’t have to sacrifice for the world though we don’t have to say that we can’t do it or we don’t do it when we can really do more.

Or we don’t have to feel less when you can do more than the others.

In the universal laws, generosity, kindness, giving and all the positiveness will lead us to abundance that we know.

However in reality, we stay away from the idea of doing more or contributing more. Or we feel we make profit because we didn’t end up with doing much less than others.

For example, we feel reluctant to pay more tax when we make more money. Or my adopted son gets angry when we clean our front yard even though upstair neighbors don’t clean.

He seems like feeling less when we contribute more than others in the situation. However I pursue my way of living in the sense.

I try to do as much as I can and sometimes more than others, and I don’t regret. I personally believe that regret is a wasteful feeling.

Because nothing will change in the past if we regret so we have to save our breath.

In relationships, or in front yard cleaning, it works in the same way. It will lower the energy when we don’t give our own best or feeling less because we contribute more.

I feel like all we care about is making more in doing less. Profits and losses. Almost I feel like we are just dodging to do more in our lives.. And I say for what?

And money. The more is always better in fact. That is ok though a lot of people believe that wealthy people are better than the others.

I am not blaming money at all. Money can do a lot of good in this world, but with money or without, we can’t decide values of people in the sense.

As I said, profits or loss, or depends on money or without. It is always math and how much we get or lose, or how much the others get or lose.

We have to feel favored at the end, and for what?

It is sad that helping each other for free or doing more for free isn’t valued in the society except for charity.

The concept is so common so we don’t resist any more.

Can’t we do better?

I feel like we stopped using our own values judging on people’s goodness but it is difficult, I know.

I still try to do it in my way. Sometimes I get hurt when people treat me as an ignorance or something though I found that surprisingly a lot more people than I expected understood me.

I believe that true relationships, honesty, kindness and generosity come from the kind of relationships and friendships.

Anyway life is once. I don’t focus on making profits or loss in my life and pursue my own right path. In the way, it feels me right and clean to live my life.

When I don’t change myself depending on occasions and persons, it is easier for me to stay in myself, of course.

Now a days, it is not easy for any of us to stay true to ourselves though it really feels good with myself in my way and it helps to feel simple in my life.

I will talk about it in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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