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How to stop over-eating


This is the last column in this week and I have been talking about eating habits and weight control in this week. In this lockdown, I am updating my website in column every day!

As I mentioned, Michelle Obama spoke that she got a depression in the interview due to this lockdown and also the racial movements in the US.

Actually depression’s criteria is not that heavy. As I remember according to DSM-5 that therapists and psychiatrists use to diagnose, in it, depressive mood continues for 2 weeks and also some sleep disturbance.

It was something like that and it may happen depressive mood continues for a few weeks to some people sometime, I believe. Well, a lot of people hide and pretend to be all right though.

A lot of people have hard time to answer to the question of “Are you happy?”. It really doesn’t relate to wealth, marital status, or even your excellent looks that people have.

In my personal experience, a lot of wealthy people are not happy. Beautiful women are not happy. A lot of women with self image problems are actually very beautiful.

Maybe because they were born beautiful so looks became such a status for them. I saw that complete head turners only cares about a small flaws that no one else knows in their looks.

Or beautiful women tend to have some kind of eating disorder in the nature sometimes.

What I mean is here that in every situation and circumstance, there is a problem. So the situation and circumstance don’t create problems though people do.

Married people, I am not judgmental though I sometimes am glad that I am single. Well, it is a lot going on when you are married, I know. I have been married twice, let me put it in the way.

I was talking about mood changer or mood lifter in yesterday’s column. Eating is very handy mood lifter after all.

There are only a few people who are not interested in eating. For example, my younger son. He is not into eating at all so I have to make sure that he eats.

I feel like everyone loves to eat and food is always there too. We use a lot when we love to do it and easy to get it.

That is why obesity is a big problem in the US.

Tricky thing is that we can’t cut eating like cold turkey. Recovering alcoholics don’t drink a drop in the process though we can’t do the same about eating. We have to eat anyway.

That is why we have to know when to stop eating. We have to stop in the middle at the appropriate timing and that is very hard to do.

When you start doing something you love to do but have to stop it in the middle, it is hard.

Especially binge eaters just can’t stop so they binge. I say that eating feels them such comfort in the sense or they need to fill. There should be reasons for it so we can solve it.

Well, in general, how would we kick the habits? Well, I definitely say that we just shouldn’t create the situation that we would need to use the mood changer, which is over-eating, how about that ?

Of course, there is daily stress, I know. We can’t avoid daily stress, no one can.

Stress happens when things don’t go in the way we expected and planned because we all have plans and expectations although it’s not recommenced by the universal laws but we still do.

So blame is at expectations and plans and furthermore, the situation that we can’t let go of disappointment with unachieved expectations and plans.

Well, then I say it is all about ways of thinking. Changing ways of thinking will help us because there is no way for us to stop daily stress coming to us.

When we get stressed out, we will have stress eating taking care of us ? Oh, that is exactly we are talking about, isn’t that?

We have to understand that daily stress doesn’t own us. Then not everyone will need mood lifters here in fact.

I use myself as an example. Before I ran into hypnosis, I had my husband, adopted two teenagers in 2010, and also my own baby twins at the same time, and 60 pounds more flesh on me.

Long before the adoption after I came to the US in 1999, I lived with my ex-husband for 10 years without any kids. I had my own job too and we had a little house in suburb to commute to the City.

I feel like there was much less daily stress in the little house period though I was actually heavier then. I was the heaviest after the first divorce in around 1997 or 1998 in Japan.

However stress, probably daily stress in fact is much more now in 2020. Divorce was hard for the first time though I didn’t have any children and my family was around me then in Japan to support me.

In the little house at least, I thought I should be happy because I was remarried without kids in the little house, but I wasn’t. It was nobody’s fault at all, of course. I didn’t know the rules for happiness in the time nor encountered hypnosis yet.

That is why I thought I would be happy like an easy pie when I have my own children. I had a husband, little house so all I needed was my own kids, right?

Long stories in short, I had no idea when I wasn’t happy after adoption and also my own baby twins in 2010. I planned my happiness appeared before me when I got my own kids.

I had no idea and didn’t know what to do with the situation in my own unhappiness living in a pent house with two living in maids in Singapore, then I finally ran into hypnosis.

I was lucky, you could say that, yes but, I say nothing is coincidence in this world.

What I want to say is that there is no direct correlations in-between substantial situations we have such as house, marriage, kids, pent house or two living in maids and happiness.

Those substantials didn’t make me happy.

Furthermore, there is no direct correlations between daily stress and also bad mood. Yes, of course, some people survive much better in tremendous stress.

When stress is higher, we are stressed more? The answer is no.

I can say that because my stress/hardships are the highest in my life in these 2 years up to 2020 but I am not stressed as bad as I was in the past before running into hypnosis and I am actually happy now.

In the last marriage, I was depending on my ex-husband. He read documents or paying bills. I didn’t do much of those then.

And in the current circumstances, I do everything alone and also I am not house wife any more so I have a business to run too.

With my personal situation, my stress level is in the highest range now in my life but I survive ok without getting physically larger like before.

In other words, I can take a lot of more stress on my own and handle them ok.

What I want to say is that daily stress doesn’t get us easily when our own negative energy in us is less.

Daily stress captures us bad enough when we have negative energy in us already before the on-going stress, and the negativity is most of the time relating to past events.

Someone who we can’t forgive, or having a belief that you are not good enough and so on. Those are from our own “inner child” and those inner children are waiting to be healed in us.

I recommend healing and you wouldn’t need so much of mood lifters like eating. Then over-eating would be reduced.

That is what happened to me in reality. I never had therapy to reduce my eating at all. I worked on myself and got rid of my own negative energy from me.

Then I became happy and also lost 60 pounds, I say.

Try today! In this lockdown, I offer Skype sessions!

Have a wonderful day!!

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