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How to succeed on your weight control


It is going to be the last upload in this week and I am going to talk about how to get ease out of dependency and addiction.

Especially about addiction, relapse after rehab facility is common enough and it seems similar to the situation that rebound from the diet and weight loss moments.

Yes, it is truly resembled that addiction and hardness to give up on alcohol or substances and over-eating and weight loss problems.

Because it is all about our preferences what we love to use, alcohol or food but the mechanisms of habitual behaviors and abuse are the same.

When you love cocaine, you will get hooked with it and when you love to eat, you will get hooked with it. Cocaine got withdrawal symptoms and it makes it addiction but not eating, I say.

That is why when cocaine is the problem, we will have to go into a rehab once to break it off.

As we all know, which one is more serious problems or more people got problems with in between drug addiction or over-eating (obesity)?

Of course the answer is obesity. It is the ratio of 60% of us.

The simple reason why is that we have more access to food than drugs. We see rarely people who can’t afford food though obtaining substance is much harder.

What about alcohol and drugs? I believe a lot more people have problems with alcohol than drugs. Just because we have more access to alcohol than drugs.

Simply we use a lot of things that we love and this is the root of our dependency and addiction problems.

Simply saying, we just should stop using drugs or even over-eating. But can we?

That is the problem here. Some people even use coughing medicines or so when they can’t get the drugs that they want.

However if it is the food that we want to, it is easy for us to get it. Thus over-eating and obesity are the problems that most difficult for us to overcome.

Why can’t we stop over-eating? No one wants to be unhealthy or look large. Even drugs with the risk of overdose, people seem that they can’t stop.

A lot of people say a lot of reasons why about overweight. However simple reason is over-eating.

When our metabolism goes down in older age and we still eat the same way, we will just get large.

But we can’t stop over-eating.

You may win the Novel Prize if you solve obesity problems.

Over-eating and drug addiction has the same reason why people can’t get out.

The reason we over-eat or do drugs is that we believe that we feel better when we use it or over-eat and feeling better actually happens in fact.

Surely we feel better when we put drugs into our systems so as when we eat until we truly feel full.

If it is drugs, the effect will go on for a while because that is what drugs do. However over-eating will give you opposite effects right after we do.

Feeling remorse and guilt right after over-eating, even in eating too. However we are urged to eat and can’t stop it at all.

That is actually signs of dependency that we are on fire and urged to want it so we pursue to eat but we feel bad after that.

We want it so much, however at the moment we get it, we lose interests in it like at all.

If it is shopping dependency, it is more obvious. We are on fire when we are buying though we don’t even take a look at them after we bought them.

I say that buying in action will feel you great but you must have no interested in things that you are getting.

You are likely to be hooked with the feelings that you are getting what you want.

The important question here is why do we have to boost our moods.

We have to boost our moods so we use some elements like drugs and good for it.

Why? Because I say that simply we are not feeling good enough.

When we feel down, we want to raise our mood. The more tensed, we will need relief and relaxation more.

Physiologically we get relaxed after we eat. Of course, we get so sleepy after lunch and we can’t help it.

And also about tastes. People want certain taste depending on the mood they are in. Sourness, sweetness, saltiness and so on.

We have different tastes that we want depending on our own mood. We decide what sweets makes us feel like such as satisfaction or sourness makes us feel focused or something like that.

It feels like craving for certain tastes. And we want it even though the desire is not even hunger or appetite.

We seem like satisfying ourselves with eating and I have my own experience too. However when we are satisfied without eating, we wouldn’t need to eat without real hunger.

It is all about moods. We wouldn’t need to use any drugs or put food in our mouth without hunger when we are feeling good.

Why feeling bad? It depends so please ask yourself. I can certainly help you find the reason and solve the problem too.

Weight issues and drug addiction are up to our moods. That means that we should be able to control them well.

I don’t say that it is so easy but it is possible. It should be the first step to control if you get to know the mechanism of habitual behaviors.

To stay healthy and staying out of drugs and also overweight, keeping your mood great. It will solve all the problems.

Like I said, I can help you. Hypnotherapy can help you. I solved my weight issues and side effect was that I turned around my life.

Have a wonderful day!!

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