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It repeats when you think bad luck


I am glad that positive thinking is always the interesting topic for people.

I got to know how enthusiastically we want to be a positive person in this occasion.

Thanks for supporting too and I want to talk about positive a little here too.

People tell me all the time wanting to keep themselves positive.

Some people told me that they were keeping themselves to be positive all the time so they don’t know why things didn’t come through in their favor.

Well, I must say that things just don’t come through sometimes and it is not even bad things.

Whatever the thing didn’t come through but we don’t have to take it as negative at all, that is one thing.

It was probably supposed to happen in the way exactly so there should be reasons why they didn’t happen in the way we expected.

Because we learn something from the experience or we will be glad that it didn’t come through much later when we accomplish bigger.

There should be good reasons why things don’t come through so we should actually appreciate it every time, I know that it is not easy…

If we complain about our bad luck and get upset, our attitude seems like we didn’t learn anything from the experience so we may have the same type of experiences again and again.

Expectation, our personal plans or our wishes, they are within the topic of control, I say.

We want our personal favors come true ? Well, sometimes personal favors don’t come through, simply saying.

We are learning to let go of control for one thing and also doing something even more valuable like something good for this world should be prioritized all the time, right?