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Manifestation is every where

Updated: Apr 28, 2020


I am now in the final process to publish my book in the US. This book is an English version of my book published in Japan.

As well as in the process of editing of the Japanese book, I am very impressed with techniques of editing this time too.

Sentences are brushed up and they look like someone else beautifully wrote in the process.

Surely I was the writer because there was no ghost writer of this book. I felt in the same way, when I was brought up in some newspapers in the past or on the air of the radio too.

As soon as I or my contents are in the media, this unusual feelings of who is this wonderful person? It is surreal feelings that I always have in this kind of occasions.

It doesn’t change how I feel even how many times I was in the newspapers or radio shows.

I remember in my conscious, there was no time for me to have a dream of publishing a book in the past. It feels like so many lucks put this manifestation together in my words.

I didn’t even know that I could write a book but I could write it once I spontaneously started writing it.

Then even though there was no connection with publishing industry at all, I ended up with publishing a book that I just wrote.

I also believe that there is no co-incidence in this world so this was meant to happen to me.

I strongly believe that we should decide what we can do or our own limitations or our talents on our own.

For example, no one should ask me that I should write a book because I have talents or I was supposed to write. I never mentioned about writing a book is my dream or anything so no one should suggest me.

That is why it is so important for us to make decisions with following our instincts and believes.

It is so important for us to believe in our talents and blossoming them on our own. On the other hand, our own society and we ourselves hinder our blossoming too.

In the process of us growing up, in this society such as at schools, we are getting standardized.

We strongly believe that education/school is important though schools tell us standards or average or index, how much we should be able to do at what age.

Not only that, but also schools let us get harmonized and standardized in social settings and communications too.

Parents make sure that children don’t practice irregularly or out of standard in schools and communities. They focus on stability and regularity for the children.

In this kind of setting, it is destiny that we have difficulty in pursuing our own possibility on our own.

In my life experience and also observing my own children, the tendency is obvious.

I believe it is wonderful for us to learn math, formulas, or grammar at schools though measuring children’s ability and skills with standardized tests or suggesting them to be average in anyway wouldn’t raise their creativity and unique talents.

I liked writing in the elementary school. I didn’t have any problem to come up with ideas to write or actual writing. However no one suggested me to write a book or be a writer.

Maybe I was just not so talented though I didn’t see any other child who was suggested to be a writer either.

I remember that a child was talented in painting but no one encouraged him to be a professional painter either.