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Mechanism of hypnosis


I understand that majority of people think that hypnosis is very mysterious. Not only Japanese people, but also other foreign nationals including Americans live in New York City get pretty curious when they found me as a hypnotherapist.

First of all, everyone gets surprised when they know that I am a hypnotherapist, no exception. And they want to confirm the fact and ask me if I can hypnotize people for sure.

The ansers are yes all around. I am a hypnotherapist and I can hypnotize people. Probably the reason why I became one is not something they expected.

The reason why I got to know hypnotherapy was very simple such as I sought for hypnotherapy when I had trouble with my acrophobia because I knew that hypnosis would work very well for phobias.

Then I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the results.

Before that, I earned my Master of Social Work from University of Michigan and was trained as a psychotherapist. I was ready to pursue a career as a psychotherapist, that was my intention.

Then my sister's sudden death and I became to believe that psychotherapy wouldn't be the best solution to help people's emotional well-being.

I was disappointed and left the field because I didn't have a mind to pursue something that I didn't believe in.

After 8 years unemployed, I ran into hypnotherapy wasn't really coincidental, I believe it now.

And I wanted to use the amazing therapy effects to help others because it worked for me pretty amazingly. I wanted a lot more people to be happy in this world.

That is the reason why I become a hypnotherapist. I was a psychotherapist and I had clients working with me already so I didn't need to study psychology either.

Some people ask me if there are people who can't be hypnotized. The answer is yes and no. I will explain why later.

I have to tell you that hypnosis is highly misunderstood. I saw some contents that some kind of skeptical hypnosis effects totally looking like brain wash in a spy TV show like everyday.

"Hypnosis" is very very far from "brain wash". However probably amazing hypnosis effects made people misunderstand that hypnosis can make people do something they don't want to do or something bad against their will.

We can get fearful or anxious to see something powerful especially when we don't know it so well like hypnosis so this misunderstanding happened.

Hypnosis is not dramatic at all. Hypnosis is the state of "subconscious" underneath our own "conscious".

"Subconscious" state comes to us randomly and naturally a few times aday. As we know, it happens when we are falling in a sleep in a subway train or driving on highway.

We feel like the state in-between sleeping and awake in the situation of driving on highway or falling into a sleep in subway. That is "subconscious".

In highway driving, people believe that they are awake though in the scientific monitoring, the machine recognizes the person is in sleep. You might see the kind of science experiment sometime in the past.

The state that feeling in-between sleeping and awake must be "subconscious" hidden underneath our usual state of "conscious".

And also that is hypnosis or hypnotized state too!

What? Is "hypnotized state" actually "subconscious"? The answer is yes!

I mentioned earlier that "subconscious" state comes to us randomly and naturally so we can't predict when the "subconscious" comes to us.

We also know that "subconscious" is very powerful and often used for performance enhancements or life coach now a days.

Scientifically speaking, in "subconscious" state, we will be able to use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed will be 1,000,000 times faster than usual ("conscious" state).

In fact, we use only around 5% of our brain in our "conscious", usual state. Isn't it amazing? But it is true.

Since we are mostly in "conscious" so we don't have chance to use our full capacity and potential in our life with in our "conscious" with using only 5% of our brain everyday.

"Subconscious" that occasionally comes to us makes us "super" in our ability so we can come up with amazing ideas. It totally makes sense, doesn't it?

However we have to wait for the moments that we become "super" if the "subconscious" only randomly comes to us.

That is why someone came up with the idea to make "subconscious" happens to us whenever we want and makes us super version of us with using a technique of induce the state.

When "subconscious" is induced, it is already called "hypnosis", as a matter of fact.

To induce "subconscious", famously pendulum is used. I never used it though I know the reasons why pendulum is used.

The key is the movements of right to left of pendulum. Sometimes it happens we have rapid eye movements in our sleep while our brain is very active.

I learned that we didn't know the reason why the eye movements happen when the brain is active in my Master program though rapid eye movement is a sign of our brain hyper activity.

Then someone came up with the idea to use this fact to activate our brain. Our brain starts being very active when we have right and left movements in our body.

As a matter of fact, EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a therapy based on this reactions.

Normally the therapy recipient holds vibrators in both hands and we apply stimulation on the right and left hands instead to activate the recipient's brain.

I was always curious about more effective therapy so I had EMDR in my Master program and it was interesting. In theory, it should be the same effect if we tap right and left hands instead without vibrators.

I let my clients squeeze their fists right and left instead when my clients need more focus to stay on the "subconscious" state in the sessions. It activates brain well.

We know that stimulating on right and left instead activates our brain though what we need to induce someone to "subconscious" (hypnotized) state is relaxation on the body and mind.

As I said, "subconscious" is a natural state and it occurs to us when we are very relaxed. That is why it happens when falling into a sleep in subway train or highway driving.

More simply saying, "subconscious" happens to us if we make the same environment of falling into a sleep in a train or highway driving.

Of course, we should be relaxed if we want to have "subconscious" state.

It depends on the depth though I think that meditation is "subconscious" using too. And I read that a lot of successful people have routine meditation times.

"Subconscious" is powerful and it is not surprising at all if they can raise their focus or come up with some brilliant ideas as the benefits.

In fact though, focus shouldn't be on tension. If you want true focus and full ability of yours, relaxation is always the key.

People say to breathe when we have a problem because panic is tension and we can't solve any problem under the tension.

Whatever the situation we have, relaxation will bring us the best of us to solve anything as I believe.

This "induction" is very easy in my practice. I instruct my clients by my words to relax their body and mind. And this "induced subconscious" is already called "hypnosis".

With or without "induction", both are the same "subconsious" anyway.

Going back to the question at the beginning. People who can't be hypnotized, it means that those people can not to be relaxed.

One of the reasons if the someone can't be relaxed should be because they have brain hard to be relaxed.

Hypnosis/"subconscious" state can happen to people who have standard type of brain.

However when the brain is not in standard such as different structure or function or even hormonal irregularity, it must be difficult.

For example, brains suffer from severe mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar, personality disorders known as serial killers or people who don't have judgment of right or wrong, or remorse.

And developmental disorders such as autism, mental retardation and others must effect on their brain chemical and can not be hypnotized .

When you have standard brain, smarter or less, generally same type of structure, functions and chemicals, you should be hypnotized in the same way when someone induces you in the same way.

It should work in the way such as massage can dissolve muscle tensions. Body reacts with the stimulation like massage so it resolves tensions. "Subconscious"(hypnosis) should happen in the same physiological reaction and mechanism.

However, hypnosis (subconscious) must come from relaxation so it wouldn't come to the person if he/she resists to let it come or simply can't get relaxed.

It is not absolutely true that mind is strong so you can't hypnotized. That is a confusion of hypnosis and brain wash again, I believe.

As I said, "hypnosis" is completely different from "brain wash". Like I said, "hypnosis" is "induced subconscious". Anyone should be hypnotized when they have standard brain and accepting to be hypnotized.

If someone is not hypnotized, in my experience, it happens when the person resists. The person could have something he/she doesn't want to talk about or simply is not ready to solve their emotional issues.

If anyone without secrets and accept themselves, they wouldn't resist to talk about anything in hypnosis.

In other words, people who without secrets, honest and healthy mind would be hypnotized easiest. Even though people with emotional issues, they should be hypnotized well when they are ready to solve the problem.

Hypnotherapy is effective on a lot of issues and I have lots of ADHD clients who move around in session though the effects are as good as usual.

Depression mostly come from self image so hypnosis is very effective and it helps to change the depressive mood with boosting energy level too.

I mentioned that severly mentally ills can't be hypnotized. However I don't have personal experience so I am speaking here as general perception.

I have more than several bipolar clients so I know that hypnosis works on them. However it totally depends on the person's will for sure.

I have the youngest client of 4 years old, I believe. It worked. It totally depends on the child though it should be possible if the child can distinguish reality or dreams.

And of course willingness matters too and it is important that the child can lay for certain length of period too.

I hope that you have new ideas and believes of hypnosis today.

Whatever we accomplish, we want to do it at our best. Our very best is at our own "subconscious", which is "hypnotized state".

Try out today! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Have a wonderful day!!

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