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Memory of fetus


In yesterday’s column, I was talking about memories of fetuses’ that some of my clients recall memories as fetuses in sessions.

Of course, I know that no one can recall memories as fetuses’ in daily life. Some people remember days in very young age though I have never heard of memories of fetus age outside of my practice.

However as I wrote in this week too, we store all the memories in our brain. I can’t say since when we can scientifically remember though some of my clients start talking about some situations as fetus in sessions.

Subconscious is very powerful and it is called hypnosis when the subconscious state is induced for its good purposes.

In subconscious/hypnosis, we are going to be able to use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious state.

In conscious such as our normal and awaken state, we use only around 5% of our brain.

As I said, our brain remembers everything and stores them all in our brain. We can’t recall everything in our conscious because we are not at our best in our conscious state as I explained.

Probably it is like downloading gigantic file, which is our entire memory into very slow and old computer because our conscious state is like that, we are not at our best in our conscious state.

If you think that pregnancy such as relationships in-between fetus and mother is very special. Special that there is no other occasion that someone else is living in you or you are living in someone else for sure.

There is no other relationship in-between other individuals like that. Psychologically and also physically too.

In daily life, we can get energy from others all the time especially when we are around the individuals.