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Messages from the Universe

Hello! Universal lock down is continuing and it has been 6 weeks since the New York public schools have been closed. I don’t remember anything like this happened in the past. As I believe in the Universal Laws, there is nothing coincidental in this world so this lock down has to have significant meanings. I am trying to figure it out in many ways including my personal growths. How does this lock down affect you? I am a psychologist so I can’t help thinking of this remarkable change would affect on a lot of people and any relationships in this world now. For example, even if there were some issues in a family but each individual goes to school, work or any where they have to go so we didn’t have to get into our hair each other before. However there is not splitting any more. We all stay home now so things should be different. Because of the individual responsibility and places to go, emotional or situational negative saturation was yet come in the past though now we are stuck in the house everyday so saturation can easily come and possibly blow up on our faces. If you think of this situation as bad and being regretful then the universe would have to ironically smile with saying that you never learn. As I said, this lock down is not coincidence so this was some how sent to us because we can learn from this experience. That is why we only regret without learning, then the universe would have to give us more consistent messages to us to learn. That means that the situation would become harder for us. Of course, we shouldn’t loudly say that this is a great opportunity though it could be and I say, why not? Let’s say that there is no family without any issues. Most of us try to maintain healthy or reasonable level of sanity everyday in our busy lives, I say. We have to be thankful we survive everyday right? Not only family, but also any people related each other, we may have conflicts, or any other unwanted emotions. Of course, we have great joy from others too and it is human nature. Whenever change occurs, we need to adjust. That is why ordinary and boring everyday life is the easiest for us to handle. We sometimes have hard time to manage our own personal changes such as changing career or relocation and this stress ripples and causes marital separation or divorce sometimes. My clients often tell me that they just came to me for sessions without particular events or reasons. However at the end, we always find reasons and events triggered the person to come to me. Yes, action takes motivations. No one will suddenly stand up and do something significant in their lives. Well, they think that all of sudden they stood up at least in their “Conscious” though in fact, in their “Subconscious”, they have always been thinking to come up with the decision and finally stood up and did it. It is hard for any of us to know that in fact, we think about a lot of things in our “Subconscious” level and make important decisions. However we have no idea about it in our “Conscious” level. That is why we feel things make sense when we look back and say that those were supposed to happen or those were meant to be. Going back to the lock down, the issues that come out to the surface in this lock down are probably there before today. In other words, the lock down didn’t create the issues. Those issues came up to the surface in this lock down means that the universe gave the relationships and involved individuals to solve the issues in fast forward motions. This seems like reasonable explanation to me. Because those issues would possibly interfere the lives too severely later if there was no the lock down. It’s common in my clients or anyone that we tend to ignore or pretend to notice our own issues in our busy everyday lives. Life goes on everyday in our business and one day, the husband leaves or the wife has an affair. It feels that way, doesn’t it? Those are the results that we ignored that we had problems. In the sense, left out one could come to therapy. There is no more sitting and they can’t afford to sit on it any more. It was a very rude wake up call. I don’t say that it is the worst in the case, don’t get me wrong. There are some people who have problems and keep them in their entire life up to the end. In the end, they regret and wish they had done something, that could be the worst. However sooner solving problems, the better for sure. If you think of this whole thing in the way, the god or the universe surely sent the gift down to us as the opportunity to solve the problems sooner so it is now us to think what exactly the problems here. If you think in the way, this lock down is definitely a precious chance for us. Don’t you think so? Significant examples are those who tend to be away from home all the time on their work. There is a reason why those chose the life style. Any life style did not coincidently come to us but we chose it on purpose. Yes, I believe that those incidentally chose the job to be away from home. At least in “Subconscious” level, they chose to be away because they felt uncomfortable to be home with reasons at the first place. However they don’t know their manipulation in their “Conscious” level. Our “Subconscious” carefully picked our match of occupation whatever the life style we need. In the result, those can always explain or make excuses when they are not there with their family. It is calculated and manipulation in the way though they don’t even notice in their “Conscious” level. It reminds me that the character of George Clooney played in the movie of “Up in the air”. The character of Ryan is mostly away from home on his job. He doesn’t have any relationships that he has to take care of because he actually set his life style to make real connections impossible with others. I say that it seems like “denial” for him not to recognize that he has problems, at least in his “Conscious”. At the end, he realized that he intentionally chose the life style not to keep the real connections with others. Of course there was no coincidence. He didn’t want to be around home because he could get involved with family and friends and had to take some responsibilities to deal with them. Yes, family and friends or even girlfriends are sometimes troublesome. I thought the movie showed the psychological issues in him very well. This example was obvious though we always manipulate our life style in order to get what we want and fulfill our needs. Sometimes, we don’t notice what we are doing, our own manipulations when they become too usual. For example, It goes ok after having a baby for a while though start feeling uncomfortable to be in the situation. Feeling like have to get a job or go back to work. Or even though once decided to be a stay home mom but feels unfulfilled… Those are another examples for any of us to feel discomfort with new and unusual circumstances relating to family. A lot of us don’t feel like belonging to home, do we? Probably it is not majority if you truly enjoy being home as a mom, dad, wife or husband. I have my own personal experience too so I surely understand how the situation feels like in the sense. And I say that this is not just about career, family or where to belong to. This is about happiness. We always look for what to fulfill us, I say. If there is no fulfillment when we stay home, we should get a job. If we still don’t feel fulfilled, we may have an affair, well it’s not simple in the way, I know but we look for fulfillment for sure. It is a sure thing that we all look for fulfillment and this emotional fulfillment is called, happiness. Yes, we are all looking for happiness in our lives and we never stop looking. And we try to get emotional fulfillment, which is happiness by getting rid of stress in our daily life or some kind of stimulation from outside. However no matter how hard we look for happiness with changing the jobs or staying away from home on business trips, we will never feel fulfilled at the end. We may feel better when we have less stress from taking care of a baby or not get involved with family issues but we don’t feel fulfilled in true ways. In other words, happiness doesn’t come to us in the approach. Then we have deep thoughts and tell ourselves, “what is wrong with me?”. We seem like we have everything and even avoiding stress but still feel irritated and don’t have peace in our minds. In this lock down of COVID-19, we have no way out. We can’t run away from our own problems, well, if we have problems. In other words, this lock down is powerful enough to stop unstoppables, I say. The lock down forces those who have urge to be away from home stay home. It is like a force quit, isn’t it? It is a rough order as the same as not to give an alcoholic a drink. I admire the universe because no one else can stop those unstoppables. In this precious chance, it is wonderful for us to face our own problems because it is a carefully given chance that we could make it use. If you are feeling like yourself in this lock down, you must be taking care of yourself wonderfully in a true way. I have been thinking what to pop up in my mind in this opportunity because I want to know what my assignments the the universe made me realize. I came up with website maintenance in my work. Physically, I realized that mopping is actually better exercise than actual exercises. Mopping wore my arms out so I encourage myself to do more. In my family, we are responsible for our own rooms and my adopted son is in charge of house cleaning so I wasn’t involved with it so much before. I thought of my business because my office is closed. It is challenging that I can’t see my clients in person even though Skype sessions are as good as sessions in person. However I hadn’t thought of the situation in the past. Of course, I have some personal thoughts too and I give a deep thought to those because those are the assignments from the universe I believe and I appreciate them. Well, let us take this opportunity very positive because it is the best out of it. This must be a life time opportunity for us to review our lives! Or I always say, if we are in it, choices are to enjoy or not! There is no reason why not to enjoy, is it? If you need assistance of “Subconscious”, let me know! I am looking forward to meeting you in Skype! Also in this opportunity, I offer “virtual spa” and relaxation. You can feel like you went to spa in this virtual reality. Contact me! Have a wonderful day!

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