My divorce had to happen


I am writing this draft Sunday, the sunny day warming up to 73F in New York City. It felt so good today at a park in tank top first time in this summer. I saw more people than usual today in the park exercising in this lock down period.

I was reading CNN that a lot of flamingoes flew over to the city side in Mumbai in India. In timely manner, I noticed some bird in my backyard too.

I heard some kind of tapping sound repeatedly and I thought it might be a woodpecker. To be sure, I checked in Internet what kind of sound wood peckers make in pecking the trees. It was identical sound so I became sure that it was really a woodpecker in my backyard. It might have come to my yard lately because there is no so much noise from people any more or it has already came though I didn’t notice because I was just too busy to notice the noise in my backyard.

Anyway, the strange noise turned to be from a cute little bird so I was happy to know it. I haven’t seen the bird yet but I may want to take my vernaculars to check it out later. Today, I want to talk about why I use hypnosis in my practice rather than traditional psychotherapy method.

Some people feel very unusual about hypnotherapy that I know and they wonder why I came up with using hypnosis in my practice.

It is not mysterious or a mystery about the reasons why I use hypnosis because it is based on science and because of the basis, it is very effective after all.

Science basis fits my profile too that I am an MSW (Mater of Social Work) from University of Michigan and trained psychotherapist too. I wanted to be a psychotherapist and decided to earn a Master of Social Work to pursue my ambition. However I had to know the limitations of the traditional psychotherapy in my training and actual therapy sessions I performed.

Also personally I went to therapy to solve my personal issue in the past and actually it was also my motivation to be a therapist too. However I ended up with being underwhelmed with my career path then.

I wanted to be a good mother and I had no idea about my life mission or purpose so I wanted to know them too in the therapy sessions. Yes. I had no idea about why I was sent to this world or going on everyday. Thus I was trying to fulfill societal standards because I just wanted to be happy.

I thought I could be happy when I bought a house, when I got wealthy, or have children. I tried many things to just feel happy back in then.

Alas, I didn’t find answers in the search and gave up on it, then I ran into hypnotherapy. It is called “Divine Timing” that the universe gave me the best and only perfect timing to me in the sense and everything looks like natural to happen. I bet a lot of people have some experiences that things happened for reasons though they looked like co-incidence in life changing and transitional experiences.

In the universal laws/laws of attraction, nothing is co-incidence but everyting happens for reasons. So many of us feel like things happen for only reasons especially when we look back in the past. My fated incidents started with my own sister’s death. My ex-husband, then my husband suggested us to adopt her children. I had no idea what adoption would be like because it is not common in Japan, the origin of my country.

My sister passed in the last semester of our Master programs. And a few years later, this adoption came true.

The adoption changed us as a married couple. In the process, we had to deal with legal issues in-between Japan and US. It was so stressful in deed.

We ended up without US visa for our adopted children because of the differences of legal systems in the two countries, the US and Japan.

We decided to relocate ourselves to Singapore to live with the adopted children, then 13 years old son and 18 years old daughter. Including our own 17 months old twins in total of six family members. I myself had lost in my own life and just trying to catch up with others and social standards to feel safe and happy. Adding to it, I had to take care of adopted teenagers and my own babies at once.

It was surely one of those most challenging times in my life.

In the delicate timing, life changing event happened to me as other significant events happen to people in their own lives. It is the divine timing, isn’t it? It was surely challenging that my adopted son was expelled from a private middle school in Singapore and I was living first time in my life with two maids in the house hold with the whole crews.

I wrote about this life changing experiences and published it so my book is available in Amazon now. If you are interested, click here. The book is “Rules for Success-How to live happily” by One Peace Books. I had no idea about hypnosis though I decided to have hypnosis first time in my life when I couldn’t sleep because of my fear living on 28th floor in the small country.

I was afraid of heights and lived on 28th floor with a huge opening of dust shooter in the hallway when my twins were toddlers. I was just scared for my twins.

Up to the point, I knew the limitation of traditional psychotherapy both professionally and personally. And I knew that hypnosis was effective on phobias too.

I decided to go for hypnotherapy without any hesitation for the reasons and like I always say, I was blown away with the result and also how light I could feel in myself.

My hypnotherapist was a famous female master who was the same age as me so I felt easy to go back to the therapy after the first session. As she got to know that I was a therapist too and she recommended me to get an US certificate to practice in the US later.

I didn’t have a problem with the career path because I was amazed with the results on me and also I saw more incredible results through my own practice as a certified hypnotherapist. My life started changing rapidly and many experiences were meant to be and they were incredible too.

I was unemployed for 8 years up to the time and until 2020, I had published books in Japan and the US, I made radio live show appearances 12 times, public speech, and a certified hypnotherapist having a private practice in Manhattan, New York. In Singapore in the period, my marriage had significant changes too. Up to the point, I depended on my husband because I couldn’t even know what I was doing for myself.

However my own changes in myself started changing the dynamics in our relationship then. Our relationship had to change because of my significant changes in myself. I was always feeling like I was living in fog in the past however I started having incredible clarity in myself because of the hypnotherapy experiences.

I felt lighter and it made me realized how heavy I was feeling in my entire life up to the point. I felt much more lights and shines in me and bliss around me all the time as I had never experienced before the day.

I surely realized how wonderful I could feel because of healing means that all the heaviness was just psychological in my entire life up to the point. “Amazingly lighter” is a most common comment of my clients after the first session of hypnotherapy and I felt exactly amazingly lighter in my experience too. And I had to realize how heavy I was feeling up to the point.

In my case, I actually became physically lighter too. I lost around 60 pounds since I had hypnosis session. I lost weight because I consequently stopped over-eating because I lost a lot of my negativity in me because of hypnosis. I of course believe in energy. Energy is scientifically vibrations in our 40 trillion micro cells in each of us. Vibration is released from the cells and from our body because each cell vibrates when it is alive.

If it is vibrations, of course, there is tunes in it. Same types of vibrations attract each other. We say that we got same “vibes” when we get along, don’t we? It means literally we have the same types of vibrations so we attract each other. When your vibration/energy changes, it may affect on combinations or compatibility of relationships too. When your energy changes, probably your friendships and relationships change too.

You may not hang out with same people all the time when you and your life change, right? When you go through transitions, you may feel uncomfortable with some of people who don’t change with you.

Of course some friendships and relationships are timeless but sometimes changes affect on splits of people. My marriage was affected, I say. Of course it wasn’t just energy in-between us. However things always happen for reasons. We got separated soon after in Singapore. It was surely Divine Timing, I say. I had no job for 8 years and found my career path of my life, then indep