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No punishment in this world


I came across with the topic that got my attention so I decided to write.

Do you believe in punishment? It is broadly believed concept that you are going to be punished when you do wrong. In Japan, it is common that parents say such things in order to control the children.

I was born and grew up in Japan so I had never doubted the concept of punishment. Thus, I was trying to be good and keep doing right in order to avoid the punishment.

However, the concept of punishment is surely based on negative motivation in psychology. To avoid bad happens to us, we try to keep our goodness. Of course, that is negative motivation.

Although this motivation and concept are most broadly believed and also used because it is the most effective of all.

Most of sales talk works in the way based on the concept of fear; you are going to have full of wrinkles in a few years if you don’t buy the serum, this dark spot will be huge if you don’t buy this lotion. People buy the lotion for sure then.

On this concept, basically we are fine now but we are not going to be fine in the future or something bad will happen in the future so we should do something now. Yes, it is totally for rainy days in the future. We are trying to avoid something awful possibly happen to us in the future when we don’t even see its coming yet.

In the universal law, laws of attraction, we all know that the terrible thing will be attracted to us when we believe that it is coming. It is so famous and we all know it. However fear is always persuasive and most powerful motivation of all that we have to admit.

A lot of people say that media control works in this concept. Local news and media implant a fear in us and trying to sell us more. It might be true.

Regarding COVID-19, it worked the same way. Media predicted the pandemic and warned us to get prepared. As we know, all the hand sanitizers were sold out amongst other things.

I didn’t watch any local news so I just realized one day that we were out of hand sanitizers. I bought alcohol sanitizers or something kills bacterias so I was just fine so as my family. We are all healthy until this day.

Anyway I don’t get sick any more since I changed my life with hypnotherapy. I was alway flu free even when my children were so small. Even when my adopted youths were sick in bed, I was just fine.

It was strange that middle aged woman in the house was always well in the natural order. However it was true and still it is.

That is why I believe in “energy”. I believe that our own energy can change our immune systems too.

Otherwise it doesn’t make sense that I am getting more healthy with stronger immunes when I am getting older and older. In fact, it was common for me to get sick all the time before the hypnotherapy.

My twins graduated from an elementary school today. They naturally got perfect attendance every year since the kindergarten. Probably my daughter missed the school for a day in those entire school years.

We don’t do anything special and probably it is no genes because I was always sick before. We do a lot of resting and good eating. Most of all, I pay attention to their energy so much. I tell them not to keep “bad energy” in them all the time.

I believe that the simple method kept them healthy up to this day.

I am going back to the topic of “punishment”. I don’t believe in “punishment” at all. If I did, I would have to believe that someone such as so powers like a Master is watching and judging me for my goodness and badness and also my behaviors.

Funnily, in the society, judgment is not welcome. We avoid to judge others. However the concept of “punishment” is surely based on the concept of “judgment”.

I said, someone powerful like a Master. Some people say that it is the god. Whatever the religion we have, the god judges us and decides to punish us, right?

I know some people don’t believe in gods, however I don’t know anyone who isn’t afraid of punishment. We all have the feelings of guilt and it is relating to it. I say, we naturally believe in punishment when we are not good or we don’t feel like we are good.

When we do something bad, we are afraid of punishments. Not only laws and enforcements, but also we definitely can’t cheat on our Master.

That is why we tend to believe that it is punishment when something bad happens to us. It is natural for us to believe the punishment in the way.

Simply saying, it is so natural for us to believe that bad things happen to us when we don’t think that we are good. In fact, we decide if we are good or not and expect bad things happen to us when we decide that we are not good.

When we believe that punishment will come down on us, it is going to come down on us. And we have to be afraid of the punishments one day hit us everyday.

I don’t believe in punishment at all. I believe that all the things happen to me in my life are necessity. If the things are bad ones, I wouldn’t categorize them as punishments or failures.

I said that all the occurrences are necessity in my life. Then why bad or negative things happen to me, I have only one answer. I am needed to learn or grow with the things happen to me.

Learning opportunities have to be challenging. We don’t want to play in the same stage after we cleared the stage. It is meaningless we go on in an easy way.

We are supposed to recognize it is a test when we have some challenge. And we are going into the new stage but not punishment.

We don’t need to think that those challenges are punishments, failures or bad luck. And you are going to be more successful for sure in the belief.

The Master who organizes this world, some people say that it is god or some say that it is the universe. However, the Master is like our parent.

In Japan, we say that we send our children to travel far when we love them. The more we love our children, the more we want them to overcome challenges and grow. We want them to be better people, right? Because no greater or Master want us to be bad.

It is a part of love for sure as a parent and also as a Master. The Master never want you to suffer. He/she wants you to overcome and believe in yourself when encountering challenges.

Imagine the feelings that the Master has to give us challenges even though they love us so much. We want to understand it better and feel the love everyday. Then our days are going to feel more meaningful everyday. Try it.

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