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Potential and psychic ability


It is getting so lovely in New York City in this summer having nice little breeze in the evening. Living in New York City as a northern land, we are thankful to the summer and embrace this pasting summer as other summers that we had.

I have a little annoucemnt that I am now doing Tarot reading too.

I never had interests in “fortune telling” at all in the past though I got clients who got different backgrounds. Some of them are into numbers, astrology, or any kinds of reading too.

On the other hands, I have doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, engineers as my clients too. I am thankful to the environment that I can learn a lot from them too.

Not to mention that, I have my clients with cancer or any other sickness, got involved with some homicide cases or any kinds of survivors in their lives. I have many opportunities to know how strong we are to survive in this world.

My book, “Rules for success—How to live happily” is going to be published so soon so you can read some of the stories that I wrote.

Anyway, with the regards, I got to know that I have “grand-cross” in my birth chart in astrology that is rare and dramatic. In numerology, I got some kinds of master numbers in my charts too.

I came to conclusion that any types of reading or charts are based on birthday so they are in a way, similar to tell us what they have to say.

Some of them told me how rare and powerful my charts were and I have my life with a lot of dramas anyway so it is.

In my life, I have 2 marriages and 4 children including 2 adopted ones. I am from a very small town in Japan though I ended up with New York City now some how and run my business.

Not only that, I lost my own sister and adopted her children as teenagers and almost same time, I had my own twins.

I came up from 8 years of unemployment to book publishing in 2017 in Japan, I appeared on radio in New York City a dozen times around then too. Now my book is in final stage to publish in the US and I am now looking forward to publishing my book in the US too.

I can’t write everything about my life though everyday is for me learning process and opportunities. I feel like nothing stays same and always changes in any circumstances so there is no time to stand or stop.

Probably in the circumstance, I came to think of how to live happily in depth.

Anyway I didn’t believe in any fortune telling in the past though I have been given opportunites to know them in depth from people who are specialists of those and especially some of them are real psychics too.

I now again am so thankful to this opportunity to receive any comments on my life or my professionalism too. Thank you!!

In conclusion, I say that it is matter so much for us when or where under what kinds of sky or astrological circumstances we were born. It is real for us to be able to receive some messages for our sake to make things better.

Personally speaking, I believe some kind of connections with some people in my life, for example, my exes.

I had this man who I believed some connections with him in the past though in reality, we stopped seeing each other years ago.

I handled the loss well though I started having this strange feelings that I would run into him in the near future one day years ago.

Years ago in a December that I remember because of the reasons I will tell you. This is one of those psychic awareness occurred to me in my real life.

I knew some how that I would run into him very soon at a particular place that I got to know. The feelings became real to me when the day was getting closer and also I had a very clear reason to go to the place where I was supposed to go too.