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Relationship issues.

Lately issues of relationships are getting common topics in my practice. Break-ups, jealousy, anxiety, and etc.. I am helping my clients for them to accept their partners in order to have good and healthy relationships with their partners. For example, partner’s cheating. The behavior is betrayal and unbearable for you. However the behavior most of the times has reason behind unless your partner has love and sex addictions. Humans are environmental creatures. Whatever, however the environment is, we feel most comfortable the environments that we got used to. Thus, your partner feels unusual to the relationship with you; he/she starts feeling uncomfortable within it. If you have rain everyday from your birth, you wouldn’t know what to do when it’s cleared up one day. The sun is healthy and good for you though you still wouldn’t know how to deal with it and it would take much time to feel comfortable with the sun. In a same concept, child abuse victims tend to end up with abusers again in their adult life. If your partner gets overwhelmed and uneasy with you because the relationship is very positive, as he/she never experienced in the past, he/she might to commit self-destructive behavior like cheating. Then the comments he/she would make “I don’t know why I did it.” would take the relationship to the difficult phase. When you are emotionally healthy and calm enough to take care of relationship issues, you and your partner will be able to take it to the next level. I can help you to work for your emotional well being with hypnosis.

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