Religion, sin and punishment


I have been talking about religions, culture and also human emotions.

As I practice in New York City, I have to have a lot of experience of knowing different cultural backgrounds and religions.

That is New York City, it is that a lot of people bring different cultural backgrounds from all over the world and co-exist.

There is no immunity to emotional issues and it is universal no matter what race and ethnicity.

Yes, I believe that religion and culture have impact on our mind sets though human minds still have same functions and those universal even in different cultures.

Malice, anger, sadness, making mistakes, and consequential guilt and regret along the events and decisions in our lives.

Joy of love, pursuit of desire, undying desire, dependence, depression, anxiety, fear and etc.

Variety of emotions and actions, actions and thoughts give us results and consequences and those are sometimes called “success” and sometime “failure” in each occasion.

“Success” and “failure” give us emotions again.

In the last week columns, I mentioned whatever the usuals in our childhood become our standards.

For example, as violence and war happened in the childhood to some people and it is true at this moment, it is still happening to some people in this world.

Some of them were lucky enough to run away from the chaos and came to New York City.

Even though their standards became violence and war, it doesn’t stop them want peace in their lives at all.

In the sense, there are journeys for them to pursue peace and true happiness and accept them as their new standards.

I wrote some cases of people that pursued their happiness in my book, “Rules for Success ― How to live happily” published in January 2020.

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Yes, whatever the culture you were in and violence was usual, we still have same type of emotional reaction to it such as getting hurt sometimes a lot.

It doesn’t matter the nationality and cultural differences.

Guilt, punishment, blame and regret are common negative feelings we develop in our daily life.

No matter what nationality you are and culture you are at. Humans and also some animals have those.

The face when it makes mess on a beautiful carpet, sad and guilty face of your dog. So cute and you must forgive it because you love it.

Not only natural feelings and emotional reactions, but also we may feel guilt and punishment based on our own interpretations of religions.