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For me, I had never dreamed to be a writer nor made efforts to write but I could publish my own book. Who could imagine that?

However I could write books. In fact, I don’t have a ghost writer so I wrote it from the first line.

My ability to write books didn’t just come to me then, means that I always could have written books though I didn’t know that I could write long long time.

Until when I started writing and the ability was hidden and it was potential.

I also believe that it was meant to be because within a few month since I just started writing, a contract with a major publisher in Japan just came to me.

I found a publisher who was interested in my book and eager to have a contract with me even before I finished writing.

It was even more strange about the English book. I told people that I published a Japanese book in Japan, then some people asked me if there was an English book that they could read.

In the situation, I started thinking about publishing an English book as an E-book or something on my own. I was writing an English book and one day, all of sudden, I got email that asked me if I would want to publish the book.

The publisher was in New York and they were interested in my book published in the US.

I felt like that the doing was by higher power. If not, it would be more mysterious, wouldn’t i