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Removing blocks one by one..


For me, I had never dreamed to be a writer nor made efforts to write but I could publish my own book. Who could imagine that?

However I could write books. In fact, I don’t have a ghost writer so I wrote it from the first line.

My ability to write books didn’t just come to me then, means that I always could have written books though I didn’t know that I could write long long time.

Until when I started writing and the ability was hidden and it was potential.

I also believe that it was meant to be because within a few month since I just started writing, a contract with a major publisher in Japan just came to me.

I found a publisher who was interested in my book and eager to have a contract with me even before I finished writing.

It was even more strange about the English book. I told people that I published a Japanese book in Japan, then some people asked me if there was an English book that they could read.

In the situation, I started thinking about publishing an English book as an E-book or something on my own. I was writing an English book and one day, all of sudden, I got email that asked me if I would want to publish the book.

The publisher was in New York and they were interested in my book published in the US.

I felt like that the doing was by higher power. If not, it would be more mysterious, wouldn’t i

Longest time, I was looking for happiness and was looking for it in something tangible that I gain such as marriage, children, money, social status or even vacations.

In the sense, I don’t have a husband any more and I definitely had more vacation or money in the past too.

Longest time, financial stability or steady relationship would give me happiness and I must say that I was wrong.

I realized that I was looking for all the wrong places in my entire life.

It is easy for me to say that I can’t succeed because I am minority but it is not really true.

However it is easy to say it when I can’t succeed then I don’t have to work on myself at all.

A lot of people say the reason why they are not succeeded. We call them “block” and we have to remove them all anyway to succeed because they do nothing but limiting themselves.

The possibility to succeed in the way they don’t even feel comfortable with. They could be their widest dream though they could come true.

I removed my own blocks one by one and it took energy and time. It was a true investment on myself.

Then I realized that I completely changed my life in the process and the process is still in effect. In the appearance, I lost probably 50 pounds.

Stress is reduced when we remove our blocks and whatever the habitual behaviors we have such as over-eating should be diminished.

We got so much potential and our wildest dreams should be coming around before we knew it.

Join the club to remove the blocks! I am looking forward to seeing you and work with you!

Have a wonderful day!

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