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Self introduction and hypnosis 101


This is Mitsu EMIG writing here and say hi to people who ran into this writing. I am a book published author in the US and Japan, a speaker and a certified hypnotherapist/psychotherapist/Master of Social Work (MSW) lives in New York City.

I came up from being unemployed supported my family for 8 years in the past to the place now with running business as a therapist in New York City, published books in Japan and the US and also made 12 live radio show appearances at different radio stations in New York.

In personal life, I have adopted children who used to be my sister’s ones and they were adopted by me and my ex-husband after my sister’s death. I have boy and girl twins on my own too.

My life started changing dramatically in 2011 when I ran into hypnotherapy to have treatment for myself for my acrophobia.

I was afraid of height and it pushed me to the edge when I had to live on the 28th floor penthouse in Singapore with my own 17 months old twins without proper child proof.

I didn’t know anything about hypnosis though I made a wild guess that hypnosis would treat my problem the best.

I was right about it and I was actually blown away with the result and power of hypnosis, which is subconscious state we naturally have on our own.

Yes, subconscious state is something everyone has and it randomly occurs to us a few times a day some scientists say when we are very relaxed such as while we are driving in highway or falling into a sleep in a subway ride.

It is natural and also very subtle state, subconscious is though it is surely powerful. In subconscious state, we are able to use up to 95% of our own brain while we are actually using only around 5% of our own brain in our conscious state, which is basically almost all the time while we are awake.

Yes, in conscious state, we are using around only 5% of our brain, which is very far away from our own best. I wonder it any species give our own best to survive in the natural selection though we are not yet giving our own best yet and it is unbelievable.

In subconscious state, not only we are using up to 95% of our brain but also our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious state. I picked up those numbers from CNN.

I believe that we are supposed to use our full potential, which means including our own subconscious state because it is very powerful and it is going to be greatest wastes if we didn’t use our greatest resources.

Like I said, subconscious randomly occurs to us though there is a way to make it happen to us whenever or wherever we want it. Someone came up with an idea involved with a technique of “induction”.

Induction of course induce the state of subconscious. And when the subconscious state is induced, it is already called “hypnosis” or “hypnotized state”.

In the sense, this subconscious is the same as natural occurring subconscious so hypnotized state or hypnosis as described in movies or in TV shows is very different from the true hypnotized state or hypnosis.

Since subconscious and hypnotized state feels like very subtle and natural such as deepest meditation for us so we should realize how wrongfully we were conceptualized with hypnosis or hypnotized state by our media.

Because of this misconception, some of my clients think that they are not in hypnosis when they are really in hypnosis, which is in their own subconscious state in the sessions.

Hypnosis actually can’t force anyone to do anything they feel uncomfortable with in their true nature.

That is why I can’t force, or any other hypnotist can’t force anything to anyone going against their own nature.

For example, I can’t force anyone to do anything against their will or their own nature. You wouldn’t take off your clothing if you were not a natural nudest or exhibitionist.

With the same reason, you wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone if the behavior is against your own nature.

That is the reason why I tell my clients to be sure of their own willingness to work on themselves, especially when we want to work on their own trauma.

In my clients, there are people who live in fears and traumas happened to them in the past. There are homicide survivors, rape victims and other type of survivors can be benefitted in the healing process with me.

Our own final frontier is “subconscious” state we have in us and hypnotherapy is a healing process with using our own power.

The high brain usage and function level would enhance everything about us. In fact, we store everything in the past in our brain but we can’t recall everything in the small usage of our conscious level.

It is like a gigantic file of entire memory in the past downloading to slow and old computer, which looks like our own brain usage of 5% in our conscious state.

When we are in the subconscious state, our brain capacity and function would allow us to download the gigantic files.

It means that we can remember a lot of things in the past even when we can’t remember them in our own conscious level.

Of course, first step to solve any type of problems is to know why you have the problem. The cause of the problem is very important when you want to fix any type of problems.

In subconscious, we have much higher chance to know the cause in the circumstance.

Some of my clients already know the cause very clearly. Some of my clients are professionals such as psychiatrists or psychologists. Even in the case, solving process is surely amazing too.

Our strongly rooted thoughts and believes should be dealt with evenly powerful mental forces. And as a trained psychotherapist, I believe that it doesn’t happen in our conscious level as I tried personally and professionally in the past.

However in subconscious level, we have a lot of chances to accomplish this perception changes fixed long time ago in the young age in your life.

Simply, victims of trauma still live in the moment of trauma. Otherwise they wouldn’t startled with loud noise or other triggers in daily life.

In deeper level in their mind, they are still living in the moment of trauma or the terror would come back in any minutes, otherwise the fearful energy they live in doesn’t make sense.

In the sense, we surely undo the misconception of “living in fear/trauma” in subconscious level to heal the trauma in their lives.

If you have own limitation to your own self, how much you can do or you can’t do, this powerful perception change would help you.

Remember, we have endless possibility and potential in us though we never know. For example, I personally never knew that I could write a book in my life.

However, once something triggered and I started writing from the first line, I was writing around 100 pages in two weeks.

Had I ever thought of writing or being a writer in my conscious level, the answer was no. However I don’t believe that all of sudden I gained the kind of talent and ability when I started writing either.

Yes, the talent was there in me without my conscious knowing it, however it was surely there in me in my entire life. Hope that it makes sense.

Working on yourself in subconscious in hypnotherapy would bring you awareness in any levels and you would be amazed actually how deeply you knew about yourself.

Contact me if you are interested!

Have a wonderful day!

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